How To Wear a Faux Fur Gilet

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It was summer 2004 and Sienna Miller’s brand of ‘boho chic’ was the look du jour. Wardrobes across the country groaned under the weight of tiered maxi skirts, leather coin belts and battered cowboy boots. Leggings were bandied about as a legitimate style choice. Ditto Uggs. Females everywhere spent hours trying to recreate Sienna’s undone, relaxed style, and sales of Bed Head by Tigi shot up. Probably.

There was one item that defined the Sienna years – the faux fur gilet. In autumn 2004 and spring 2005 the gilet reigned supreme and its enormous popularity meant I desperately wanted, nay – needed – one (hey, I was 20 and very impressionable). I tried on every style, in every colour. I tried it with jeans, with skirts, over dresses and over jumpers, but nothing looked right. The faux fur gilet didn’t work for me, and I was devastated.

In 2005 I gave up on boho chic and made my own ‘style statement’ (ahem) by wearing pink Converse boots, skinny jeans and band t-shirts until I graduated. Over the years, the faux fur gilet popped up again in various A/W collections and try as I might, I could never pull it off. So when I spotted one in Zara at the weekend, I sighed despondently and continued on to the knitwear section. But like a dog with a bone I soon found myself wearing another of the damn things, twisting and turning in front of the mirror, trying to be objective, remembering 2005 and Sienna bloody Miller…

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Zara faux fur gilet, shirt and jeans c/o Next, boots c/o Sarenza, Topshop necklace, Mango ring

After seeing this post from my ultimate style inspiration, The Glamourai, I decided to forgo the boho bit and just go for chic instead. A loose silk shirt and skinny jeans in autumnal colours plus leather ankle boots and gold jewellery make for a more put-together look. And I think, after six years of searching, I’ve finally found the one.

What do you think of the faux fur gilet – how would you wear it?


olivia grace

I love love love how you’ve worn it! I know exactly what you mean with Sienna Miller haha! I used to LOVE her. Also, sorry if this sounds wierd but I love the way you write, so comical and interesting- I’d totally read it if you ever wrote a book haha! xxx


I love this look, it really suits you 🙂 I recently bought one and I am hoping to get some wear out of it but like you I was a bit skeptical about how if looked on me.

I did a blog post about it here if you want to take a look? It was styled for a Bloggers Do It better challenge so excuse the animal print I would normally wear it like this 🙂


I like the way you wore it! I remember that 2004- I bought a white shaggy one which I wore several times as a sheep in a nativity since!!!!! I tended to wear it with a simple black polo neck and fitted trousers! Jeans?

Dexterous DIva

Loving it Jen, loving the “Sienna years” look – as Lucy says, you have been totally bringing the outfits recently! (am sitting here in skinny coloured next jeans as a result of your posts!)

Bangs and a Bun

That whole Sienna Miller bit at the beginning there gave me the LOLZ. I hated that look and bloody everyone was doing it. However, thankfully Sienna and her greasy haired chic seem to be behind us. I would never know how to pull off a gilet but you are rockin’ the hell out of it *three singer snaps in a Z formation*


I absolutely love and adore this look….its definitely my favourite of yours thus far. You are indeed rocking this look hard!

I missed out on the whole boho thing because I was too busy wearing enough fabric to dress ten Sienna’s, but I’d probably have looked just as bad if I’d attempted it. This version however, I heart much….its proving once again how versatile a goreous blouse is!


Oh my I remember that year well! I was so into the boho look – never managed the courage for a fur gilet though – I applaud your style and guts – it looks great on you!


I love this post, I have always been obsessed with gilets but being a bit more large-busted has meant I always feel bulky and awkward in them! Ever since watching The Rachel Zoe Project (a guilty pleasure) I’ve really wanted to try it in a less Sienna Miller inspired outfit. Pity it’s coming into summer in Australia, I will have to wait until next winter to try it out!


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