How To Wear Black When the Sun’s Shining

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The title of this post is probably a bit misleading – I’m not sure I’m really qualified to tell anyone how to wear anything. Maybe it should be ‘One Way You Could Possibly Wear Black When the Sun’s Shining, But Really it’s Up to You’. I’m a stickler for snappier copy though, so we’ll leave it as it is.

From October to March, I have a black backup plan. On those mornings when my bedroom floor looks like a scene from Topshop Massacre: The January Sales (a film I made up), I know a pair of thick black opaques will sort me out. My favourite black blazer, teamed with jeans and a tee, has rescued me from many outfit indecisions. And black skinny jeans can be paired with anything in your wardrobe (yep, even that tasselled poncho). Black clothing is timelessly chic, but as the weather gets warmer it can be quite hard to wear. Who wants to be shrouded in black when everyone else is flitting about in florals?

Last week I had one of my Topshop Massacre moments. Standing amidst the crumpled corpses of strappy sundresses, crop tops and cut off denim, I reached for my black blazer in desperation…


Topshop blazer via charity shop, ASOS black skinny jeans, H&M blouse, Jonathan Aston socks, French Connection courts, Miss Selfridge ring

A few tweaks to the original formula in the shape of a sheer, floral print blouse, my favourite Brighton Rock lippie and a cute pair of ankle socks (these bluey-green ones are by Jonathan Aston and were kindly sent to me, along with a pink and purple pair, by Tights Please) and my almost all-black outfit is fit for spring. Shame it’s cold and raining…

How would you style basic black jeans for a bright spring day?



Jeans are such a brilliant summer staple! I love how rolling them up makes such a difference. I never think of ASOS for jeans but the fit is perfect on you!x


I love this look. A lot of black but you still look summery!
Love the way that lipstick looks on you too. I really want to try it, does it have good staying power? x

E is for Eleanor

Love it. This post hit home because I have the exact same dilemma every day. I tend to wear black jeans with lots of sheer materials, like your floral blouse. And then if it gets chilly I just layer up with a cardi! x


Super cute Jen! My wardrobe is shamefully lacking in black jeans, trousers or blazers, so I’m restricted to the trusty black cardis and jumpers to get me through.


I nearly always wear black, lack of confidence in my own style makes it a safe choice, but I wouldn’t have chosen black jeans and blazer for a spring/summer outfit but it looks great. I think I’ll give it a go.

I think the socks and blouse look great together too. I haven’t stopped by for ages, glad I did, you look great.


Very very cute. Love the colour pop of the socks! I need some new black skinnies urgently, might have to investigate ASOS!

Lulu B

I love this outfit, So smart yet edgy. Shoes and socks, your a legend for pulling this off, I usualy look like I should be back at school xx :o)


Hi Hayley,

I’m a bit rubbish with lipstick and tend to wipe it off within 5 mins of applying! But from what I can tell the staying power is quite good. It’s very matt so I tend to mix it with a balm to make it easier to wear.

Hope that helps! 🙂


I always turn to black in time of need. It does always look so classy and good.
You did a great job styling black for summer. The top is really pretty.

Was great to finally meet you yesterday!


I love the black blazer. The blue tights add a nice dimension of color to your outfit. You look very stylish. I really love your blog. I have been going back reading your posts for the past hour. You are very fashionable, but what I love about this blog is the content. Your writing is very engaging and you have such timely topics and provide a wealth of information on subjects that matter to me. And now I am clicking the follow button… Great Blog!


loving the little mint socks so cute!

i would give my black skinnys a little turn up on the end, so they went above my ankle ..stick on a pair of canvas brogues or roman sandals
team it with a stripy sleeveless t-shirt and add a crochet waistcoat or floral jacket

would say team with a huge pair of sunnys but have to wear glasses and cant afford presciption gucci sunglasses!! so have to just squint a lot in the sun!


im ashamed to say i dont even own black skinnies..i so have purple ones thou! lol 🙂 love the socks by the way! xo


I think its cool how you’ve managed to make black skinnies look summery. The floral blouse looks great with them and it’s always nice to have something to layer up with if it gets chilly. x

Lizzy Lips

Looking very smart Jen… and you’re wearing heels!

I very much follow the formular ‘when all else fails, wear black.’ It never lets me down.


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