How To Wear Floral Trousers

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Over the last year, I’ve developed a real thing for bold trousers. First came my polka dot jeans, then a rainbow of coloured ones in every shade from pale pink to jade green, and now, I’m attempting florals.

Yes, floral print. On my size 12 thighs. Interesting.

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Zara floral trousers, Topshop denim shirt, Next cream trench, Zara heels, H&M ring via charity shop, Forever 21 necklace

Hey, look at that! They’re actually kinda flattering! Who knew?

I first wore these trousers for a night out in Leeds, and then repeated the outfit for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards – see the look here. Paired with a white tee, blazer and nude heels, they make for the perfect casual-night-out-with-friends look – not too dressy but still pretty stylish. For daytime, I paired them with a denim shirt and cream trench for a similarly laidback look.

I must say, I am in LOVE with these trews. Proper, full-on love. Surprisingly, they’re really versatile when paired with simple basics – I’ve worn them with an oversized jumper and flats, a grey marl tee and leather jacket, a white shirt and wedge heels… they’ve become my go-to trousers when I need a bit of a boost. One wrong move, however, and they become instantly hideous, so here are my tips for making floral trousers work…

  • If you’re blessed with child-bearing hips (like me), wear a longline jacket in a block colour – the longer length will cover hips and stop at a slimmer part of your leg, drawing the eye down
  • Don’t mix florals – despite it being ‘in’ right now, I found mixing two floral prints looked too ‘I’m-mental-me’ and a bit try-hard. 
  • On top, go for basics in neutral colours, like grey, white and nude. Or if you’re feeling brave, try a classic navy stripe
  • Add height! A pair of heels will instantly lengthen and slim your legs
  • Size up – I went for a size bigger than my usual in these Zara trousers for a looser, more flattering fit
Those are my tips for wearing floral trousers – what about you? Any tips to share? Would you wear them at all?



love this outfit the denim shirt and floral trousers look amazing together…i think i will have to steal this look :)x


Patterned trousers are one of those fashions that I could never bring myself to wear, along with jeggings, Ugg boots and glasses with no lenses.
Love the denim shirt though, that gets a big tick from me!


Aw, thanks Sophie! *blush*

I don’t actually think my thighs are ‘big’, but loud prints like floral have a tendency of making things look larger… and no one wants that! I think these are pretty flattering, though.

Ria :)

loveee the pattern on them, i wouldnt dare to wear floral though atm, my thighs are massive compared to the rest of me haha! x


I’m the same size as you and was worrying about wearing patterned trousers but you have definitely given me some confidence. Thank you! x


Glad to hear it, Lauren! They really are quite flattering. Give them a go and let me know how you get on.


Jen, they look SO good on you! the length is perfect and just so so flattering! You gorgeous thing 🙂 x


Love this outfit Jen, those trousers are amazing. I’d love to wear these but I’d be ridiculed at work so I’d have to save them for the weekend but definitely going to have a look for my own pair


Thanks Han! Yes, they are strictly for ‘fashiony’ places… don’t think I could pull them off for a trip to Tesco! 😉


absoloutely stunning! can always count on you for new brilliant and inspiring ways to wear pieces I already own!

Hope you’re well!


I think with a denim top, white or black, you can easily wear these… but I think the rest of the outfit has to be kept simple. Not sure about the necklace tbh but everything else is fab xo

simple sophie

Can’t get over how gorgeous you look here! I do love your outfit posts as they often vary in style, but this one caught my eye instantly. When I read ‘floral trousers’ I instantly thought ew another hippy-wannabe, but how wrong was I? These look so great on you and really have encouraged me to get my own – if only I hadn’t given up buying clothes for lent!?~ ox


Thank you Sophie – that’s a lovely thing to say!

You’ve made a serious commitment with the Lent thing… maybe a little indiscretion would be okay? 😉


Hehe, loved your line on mixing floral prints – I think I’m definitely mental me, as on more than on occasion I may or may not have mixed up my prints… with an orange jacket on top! One of the beauties of London I guess: you can get away with looking a bit odd.

What drew my eye here was actually the denim shirt! Not something I’ve ever thought about wearing before, but the combination here looks great. Thanks for the inspiration! xx


this is one of the best ways I’ve seen floral worn in a long time – absolutely fantastic! If you wanted to you could upload this photo to my site – I really love this look and you look so good in it


Love them. Was concerned when I read the title but they look fab.
I may attempt trying some, my thighs however are definitely larger than yours!

Caramel Latte Kiss

This is exactly why blogs are better than magazines! I’ve been eyeing florals in the mags, but it’s so hard to translate them to everyday life, when often I think the mags forget we’re not all nine foot tall with legs like pipe cleaners, and live in the very fashioniest bits of London, working in fashion magazines or as buyers for Net-A-Porter. Clashing florals may be fashionable, but they’re a bit hard to wear if you just work in a regular old office in a small town, and have to pop to Tesco on your way home!
I guess what I’m saying is, it’s great to see them worn in a way that I can comprehend, and translate to my own wardrobe needs. You look great in them.


I love this outfit! Reading this post has made me very tempted to pick up a pair myself, they look great with your heels.
Best wishes.
R xx


I honestly think they look amazing, but my size 16 hips/thighs/bum do not agree with me. I just don’t think they’d work for my shape, but I love the way you’ve styled them xxx

Sunshine and Rhubarb

I love the look! I was tempted to buy floral trousers this morning. I didn’t. But I just came home and read your post, now I wish I had. Must go back tomorrow!! haha. x

Sarah Maria

What an awesome outfit! I love how you’ve styled the trousers with a denim shirt & ladylike shoes.. & thanks for the tips! I’ve always been a bit unsure of patterned trousers but now I think I might go for it :)) Xx


Oh God, every time someone (usually my father, but also other relatives, family friends…gross) references my ‘child-bearing’ hips I get an intense urge to smack them in the face…

You look LOVELY 🙂


You look bloody fab Jen, I also am a size 12 so freak when it comes to printed trousers. I really adore theses and it just proves with the right styling they can look amazing, also you have a lush figure. I laughed out loud at the ‘child bearing’, I can no longer tell people where to go when they say that to me, as I now have two kids but still. I think everyone needs to embrace hips more, anyway back to the trousers, love them and your tips on how to wear them. Plus because of your coat I’m now on a major hunt for one, it seems to be a key piece that I’m missing. I will let you know if I get one. xx


Hahaha ‘I’m-mental-me’.. I know that look too well! Looking fab here. I love the denim shirt with it too. Such a great look.. I might even attempt it myself. Avoiding all mental-ness. Obviously.



childrens trousers

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