How To Wear ‘Sports Luxe’ If You’re Not a Fashion Model

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‘Sports Luxe’ is one of those hideous trends that crops up every summer. Models sashay down catwalks wearing silk tracksuit bottoms and Louboutin heels. Magazines feature an abundance of perspex and airtex and spandex. And eventually, that girl at work wears her running leggings with Primark neon wedges and thinks she’s all that. Sigh.

The catwalk version of Sports Luxe is impossible to pull off if you’re not a 6ft model whose only task is to walk in a straight line. But luckily for you, I’m here with a real-life guide to wearing the trend. Y’know, for if you plan to go to work or get public transport or do a supermarket shop.

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Dress, ASOS | Shirt, Forever 21 | Necklace, J.Crew | Bag, Gap | Flats, c/o Sarenza | Sunglasses, Jigsaw | Lipstick, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovesick

If, like me, wearing tracksuit bottoms with heels in public sounds more like a scene from a sartorial nightmare than a style statement, then your sports luxe look should focus on fabrics, colours and accessories. Look for laidback jersey and lightweight cotton basics in grey, white and black, and team with flashes of neon or hot pink. The fash mags were right with perspex, but patent leather works well too. And if airtex only serves to remind you of spare school PE kits (repressed memories coming back to me…), go for canvas instead. Finish it all off with a slick of pink lipstick (I LOVE Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable range which has just launched in Boots) and if you can get your hair into a swingy ponytail, work it. I’m jealous.

What do you think of the Sports Luxe look? Would you give it a go?



Love your take on Sports Luxe Jen! I definitely won’t be stepping out in tracksuit bottoms and heels any time soon!.. but love the idea of combining different fabrics and accessories to wear the trend 🙂

Caroline x
Caroline’s Catwalk


Very much enjoy the spot of neon on the shoes – I’ve been flapping my bright orange nails in front of everyone’s faces for the past couple of months, trying to get them to catch on. Alas, your way may be both more popular and more workable. (Side note – I invested in some of those Revlon thingies today, big fan so far!) Cx

Peacock's Hat

This made me giggle… it is definitely one of those things that I always see in magazines and it sends shivers down my spine. Your take however? Pretty damn nice.
I am also freaking loving the Lovesick balm stain, although I do find they go a little bit gross by the end of the day.


The balm stains definitely get a bit icky after a few hours, but I am rubbish with lipstick anyway and tend to wipe it off after 30 mins and reapply! Such a bad habit.


It’s not a trend I’m particularly drawn to, I’m always confused by the whole tracksuit-with-heels look! The whole point of the a tracksuit is to be comfy, is it not?

I love the fabric of that dress though, it looks super light and soft! And that pink lipstick of course! I still want to get my hands on a Peach Parfait Revlon lip butter but every time I go into Boots it’s all sold out!


Blue Belle

Hmmm.. I’m Australian (but living in the UK) and sadly the whole wearing tracksuit pants thing with heels does seem to be taking off down there.. shudder.. even some of the normally stylish bloggers I follow are doing it.
I like your take on the trend, I tend to avoid Neon with a ten foot pole but if I was going to give it a go, I’d say those ballet flats would be a winner!


Sports luxe is always tricky like you’ve said! I’m so scared of it looking sloppy! I love wearing jersey material like you have 🙂


Love that dress, looks so comfy yet really stylish. Perfect with the accessories.
I’d love to be able to work a pair of silk sports shorts. My thighs however have other ideas.

Caramel Latte Kiss

Sports luxe is such a baffling trend. Does wearing Converse count?

That lippy is lush, I might be off to Boots on my lunchbreak, I think. You are such an enabler to my shopping habit sometimes.


Wearing Converse DEFINITELY counts! And very sorry to enable your shopping habit… although hope you don’t go cold turkey and quit me for good! 😉

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Haha – I totally recognise the look you’re talking about and agree that the magazine/catwalk version is generally ridiculous! I’m afraid I kind of picture Tulisa combining her Sports Direct/Louboutins wardrobes. I should have had more faith in you when you said you’d do a wearable version – very good. I can manage the neon nails and ponytail bit…


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