How To Wear Wedge Trainers

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I resisted this trend for So. Long. I was strong, I avoided the urge, I didn’t give in. Wedge trainers seemed like a ridiculous concept – one that could only look good on the very small percentage of women who are tall, slim, model-beautiful and effortlessly stylish. Me, with my average height, regular-sized body and casual wardrobe? Nah.

But then I spotted these wedge trainers on Sarenza, and all previous thoughts of their unsuitability were forgotten as I clicked ‘add to basket’.

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what to wear with wedge trainers
Jeans and jumper, Uniqlo | Silk shirt, French Connection | Wedge trainers, Mรฉlinรฉ c/o Sarenza | Necklace, H&M

I shied away from wedge trainers because many styles are very masculine – not good when you have feet that resemble small cruise ships. But this pair by Mรฉlinรฉ are simpler, with no buckles or zips or go-faster stripes. I love the two-tone shade (in my favourite colour for autumn, cranberry) and soft suede, and the small wedge is manageable and… dare I say it, comfortable.

how to wear wedge trainers
Sorry for the indoor photography – damn you, Great British Weather!

I’ve worn these shoes every day since they landed on my doorstep. They look great with tea dresses and flippy skirts, but my favourite way to wear them is with a simple pair of jeans and a nice woolly jumper. I’m a shameless colour coordinator but I think that helps pull everything together (and my grandma will be proud).

If you’ve jumped on the wedge trainer bandwagon and are now wondering how the hell to wear them, here are a few tips:

  • Keep it simple – these are statement shoes, so go for simple shapes and block colours for an easy, everyday look
  • Think about your silhouette – wedge trainers can look a bit clunky (especially on big foots like me), so choose form-fitting clothing to balance your figure
  • Be careful with casual – wear these with loose trousers and a t-shirt and you’ll look like you’re heading for the gym (albeit in inappropriate footwear). Go for a more structured look by adding a shirt or blazer
What do you think of wedge trainers? Yay or nay? 


blue october

oh i love these in the burgundy colour, very autumnal. i do find my wedge trainers slightly tricky to style, this is great! thanks love – always some fab ideas.

Wedge Trainers

What I love about them is that you can style them as you would trainers.. with some more options on top! I wear mine with evvvverything! Leggings, shorts, skirts, jeans. They’re so versatile! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheap Kicks

I love your outfit, I do like wedge trainers but I’ve never thought they’d suit me either, or that I’d wear them. I think these are the nicest pair I’ve seen, the colours gorgeous xxx


These ones look great on you. I am still undecided on wedge trainers. I fell in love with a Dune pair a couple of months ago until everyone I showed them to in the store was a bit “ugh” about them, suddenly I was less keen on spending £85 on them but I think with the right outfit they could look good. x

Wedge Trainers

Nooo don’t listen to everyone else! All the haters will be on the bandwagon come Spring. Do you remember when leggings came back round again? I remember going “ugh I used to wear those when I was 6…never again” and now I pretty much wear them every day! Ha


Jen, you have well and truly converted me to wedge trainers! I used to think they were absolutely vile, but you look lovely in them! They look good in cranberry ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I’d just be super duper tall in them like all heels, though! xx


Love how you’ve matched it with your jumper, not really a big fan of the wedge trainers but this outfit might have changed my mind xoxo


I love the colour, but just can’t get on board with this style.
Having said that, they do look great with how you’ve styled them.

And also, I’ve seen a lady going to the gym with these on. Srsly. :S

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

I got mine for a bargain £35 in Topshop, down from £78, so I was ecstatic. (Just in case the trend looked horrible on me). Anyway, love the way you’ve colour matched yours. They’re definitely not an item that can be overshadowed x

Wedge Trainers

I Am so in love with the wedge trainer trend!! I love these ones that you have chosen! Super cute! I’m going to add them to my site right now!

Great post ๐Ÿ˜€


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