I Love It When An (Outfit) Plan Comes Together

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I’m constantly scribbling down ideas for outfits. I’ll spot a stylish lady on the train and tap ‘leather pants pointy shoes good’ into my iPhone. I’ll see a particularly lovely editorial in a magazine at the hairdressers and covertly rip out the page. I’ll pin a photo of my favourite blogger. Inspiration is everywhere, but my ideas very rarely come off.

I’ll lose the ripped page and find my note indecipherable. Or inspiration will come at 3am and by 8am I’ve clean forgotten. More often than not, I’ll go shopping with good intentions to recreate an outfit I’ve seen on Atlantic Pacific, then only remember I’m three dress sizes larger with ridiculous boobs when I’m in the fitting room, despairing. So usually my ideas go un-acted upon.

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This was one idea that did come to fruition. I’d seen both these pieces – the Topshop fluffy jumper and Whistles leather skirt – on various bloggers, but always separately. The fluffy cropped jumper has that 90s appeal that many 20-year-olds are into these days (I remember it the first time around and definitely won’t be going back), while the Whistles skirt was featured by the timelessly classy Laura from Wearing It Today. Two entirely different aesthetics that, in my mind, would come together perfectly.

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(This photo makes me DIE.)

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Skirt, Whistles | Jumper, Topshop | Shoes, Dune | Necklace, J Crew | Watch, Michael Kors

… I think I was right! I absolutely love this outfit. I’m really into mixed textures at the moment and think the fluffy jumper works so well with the tough leather. Teamed with my new favourite shoes – these were £79 reduced to £27 (!!!) in the Dune sale – I think this is one I’ll repeat again and again.

Do you dream up outfit ideas?


Xenia Klein

I constantly dream up outfit ideas too and they rarely turn out how I want when I try haha! This look is so perfect, I love love love leather skirts and fuzzy jumpers! xo



I usually plan my outfits in my head the night before, but when I’ve woken up mass panic ensues and I just grab my “safe” clothes from my cupboard! I love that skirt, I’ve not been sure about the leather skirt trend until I’ve seen you wearing this – you look fab, as always! xx


I will often think my outfit through in my mind the night before to save time when I get dressed in the morning. Quite often some pieces I have that I think will work together don’t when I actually put them on. You win some you lose some. Hannah x

Eve Wanted a Wardrobe


I usually put my clothes together for the whole week since weekend and I try to stay with my selection and don’t change anything… however sometimes I’m not in the mood and leave late to work because I had to do some changes.

Love the look, although I’m not sure about those shoes with black tights… I think they look better with natural skin under the strips to create little contrast.


Absolutely in love with your outfit right now!
I love the sweater and the skirt although I wouldn’t dare to wear it (I’m such a chicken I know). I have a similar sweater and I love it so much – it’s so fluffy and warm!

X Valérie


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