In Blue and Green

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Vintage trousers, Reiss top via charity shop, shoes c/o Bertie, Urban Outfitters hat, scarf c/o Next, Primark cuff, H&M ring

Do you take outfit inspiration from one piece, or throw things together and hope for the best? I was sent these delicious deck shoes by Bertie as a thank you for writing a piece for their newsletter, and as soon as I slipped them on they demanded my full attention.

When it came to styling, I let the shoes take centre stage and built an outfit of complementary colours around them. I don’t believe the old adage ‘blue and green should never be seen’, so out came these navy blue, wide legged vintage trousers. I paired them with a light and airy top, a straw hat (to cover my terrible mullet, I won’t lie) and some grecian-inspired jewellery. I added the red scarf at the last minute to contrast the blues and greens. An easy outfit for a sunny day.

What are you wearing today?


A Thrifty Mrs

I ignore all of those fashion rules and just bung things on and see what happens. Black and navy together is supposed to be a big no-no but my favourite outfit is a black skirt with a navy outfit.
I love this outfit, really summery but with coverage for this terrible rain.


I really love these shoes – such a perfect summery colour. Today, I am wearing a new outfit (inspired by you, Jen) a floral dress from tesco with black tights and a black blazer. I felt smart and summery, which I think you’re really channeling in this outfit! 🙂 x


Love everything about this!!
Those shoes are great, I have a gift voucher for Bertie so will have to make a trip to pick me up some. The cuff is gorgeous, and I love the scarf around the hat.



I think it all depends n shades, I like royal blue and emerald green but can never seem to pull them off together. And red & green is fine together! Although I do sometimes get ‘christmas elf’ jokes when I wear them together but *I* like it.


I always thought it was blue & green should never be seen, not red & green – never heard of that one.
IMHO both combinations are fine, unless the green is neon or something 😛


I remember my mum telling me “red and green should never be seen, except upon an Irish Colleen” when I was a wee girl. I happily wear red and green, and blue and green, and that other “no-no” of red and pink together though.


Your accessories seriously stole the show in this post! Your ring is so beautiful and the detailing on the cuff is stunning. You know how to put a whole outfit together!


I love building outfits around key items (despite it being near impossible at times). You styled the shoes really well with the other blue and the contrast with the red scarf.


I totally throw those rules in regards to fashion out of the window too…this combination of colours is one my own favourites to rock…

Loving the shoes, you may have made me want to buy them! And love the jewellery too, especially the ring….its one fantabulous look!


I used to have a pair of turquoise moccasins like that when I was a little girl and I wore them to death, so I have to admit that I envy yours a little. Why would someone oppose the combination of blue and green… or any color combination? Why limit yourself?


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