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Let me start with a confession – I am terrible at packing. I suck at it. I’m ridiculously indecisive so need a whole wardrobe (and overspill rail) of options before I can choose an outfit. I also have a stupidly complicated beauty and makeup routine – yes, I am that girl arguing with customs about how much liquid can be taken on to a plane.

My indecision coupled with a reliance on a huge amount of products means my bags are always bulging and I rarely leave anything behind. But this year I’ve vowed to change. I’m only going home for three days over Christmas and have told myself I really DO NOT NEED to take two types of eye cream. So I’ve streamlined my suitcase and stuck to the ‘bare essentials’ – here are my favourites…


Topshop knitted scarf

I love snuggling up in this scarf – the chunky knit is so cosy and the bright colour adds a pop to a simple jeans and jumper outfit.

Grey leopard print flats c/o Sarenza

I love the chic, Chanel-esque style of these cute leopard print flats. They’re the perfect mix of smart/casual – I’ll be wearing them with a tea dress and tights on Christmas Day.

Amazon Kindle and Forever 21 necklace

I wear this necklace constantly – it adds instant edginess to even the plainest sartorial combo. I got a Kindle for my birthday last year and I love it. It’s brilliant for reading on the train and tube, but over Christmas I’ll be delving into The Hunger Games from the sofa.

Primark Christmas PJs

I adore these bambi-printed beauties! Christmas trees, holly sprigs AND toadstools? Need I say more?

Primark sequin cape and vintage Christmas jumper via charity shop

This Primark sequin cape has really surprised me – it’s become a festive season staple. I wear it over grey marl t-shirts, long sleeved striped tops, fine knit jumpers and block colour jersey dresses. The Christmas jumper still poses a challenge – can satin bows on a dogtooth print ever be stylish? – but it comes with me regardless.

Zara glitter leggings, Topshop polish in Lacquered and lipstick in Brighton Rock

This is probably the one and only time I’ll endorse the wearing of leggings. This sparkly pair caught my eye in Zara – I’ve been wearing them with a cream silk shirt and longline grey jumper and I’m not ashamed. Finally, the two beauty products guaranteed to make me feel more polished, even after too many pigs in blankets – nail varnish and lipstick.

Are you packing for Christmas? What’s in your festive suitcase?



Ooo love the shoes 🙂 I hate packing too- even when i do pack properly i seem to panic just before I leave and randomyl shove 20 extra things in the case! Woops! I dont have to pack this christmas thankfully xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Oh gawd, I have all this to do, plus for two small boys. Need to do it tomorrow. Home to Wales for a week, then overnight at the inlaws on way home. Mountain of presents to fit in as well. I am crap at packing so my husband wedges it all in somehow, but I still have to choose what to take. I usually pack every beauty product I own, and then forget to use any of it, as per usual. I will take at least 4 pairs of shoes, and wear slippers and boots only. I know all this, but it’ll still happen.

I love your leggings!

E is for Eleanor

Very restrained Jen! I lugged home a huge suitcase! haha. I’ve just started the hunger games and am loving it so far, hope you enjoy it too!

Also, need those PJs in my life 😀 x


Ooh I got Hunger Games last Christmas, it was the first I’d heard of it and I finished the trilogy within weeks, prepare to be engrossed! Awesome leggings, I was in Zara the other day and could easily have bought the whole store! 🙂


I’m the same! I can’t go anywhere without packing a ridiculous amount, I went away with my boyfriend for 4 days and took a massive suitcase, and of course didn’t use/wear half of it!
I love the Christmas pj’s, they’re so cute! xx
Sirens and Bells


I’m such a light packer! The idea alone of a bulging suitcase makes me feel a teeny bit ill! The pyjamas are lush and those leggings are amazing!


I am very impressed! I am one of these people that takes 9 biknis for a 7 day holiday. Yes I actually did that.. I am terrible at streamlining!
Looks like you are going to be taking some beauties away with you!

Love Cat

Hi Jen

I love the blog and am a long time lurker. I’m going to be a right cheeky mare and set you a 2012 challenge… not to use the word sartorial.

I think it can be done.


I can’t get enough of my orange wooly scarf! It makes an outfit for winter as it adds that much needed burst of colour around people who seem to dress down into blacks and creams during this time of year

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


I’m exactly the same in that I’m a rubbish packer….I’ve got a couple of weekends away in the new year, which I’m dreading because it will mean I’ll have to perfect the art of packing!

I adore your selection of things to take with you, and spy some of my favourite items from previous posts….thats what I enjoy about your blog more than anything else, that you have things you wear again and again, like any other person in the world does!


I have to do exactly the same when packing! I always without fail overpack. The suitcase with the heavy stickers on is 99% of the time mine. You have done well and the cape is gorgeous!

Enjoy the Hunger Games – it is an absolutely amazing series! I prefer an actual book to the kindle but then again I worked in an independant book store for 4 years. I think I have been conditioned to like books that way!

Enjoy your holidays.
Liss x


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