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American Apparel skirt, New Look vest, Primark tee, Primark shirt, H&M tights, Chockers boots, Primark ring, thrifted bag, Polished Sense brooch

A great big hello to every single one of my 304 followers. Eeep! How did that happen, then? I feel very grateful indeed. I wonder why so many people visit my little corner of the internet? It’s the poses I pull, right? You guys just can’t get enough. I knew it. I’m filling out my application for Britain’s Next Top Model as we speak.

To say thank you for following and to bribe you to stick around a little longer, I’ll be having a giveaway, and in the spirit of all this charity shop chatter we’ve been having recently, I’ll be picking out a pre-loved prize. And by that, I don’t mean a pair of my old socks. I’ll tell all next week.

Something else I’ve got planned for next week is another style challenge. Separate to The Fashion Diet and my charity shop challenge, it’s more about my everyday outfits. I’ll be doing this all next week, so keep your eyes hawk-like.

Finally, I just want to say a truly sincere thank you to everyone who commented, emailed and tweeted me to say I should write a book after the first Lazy Girl’s Guide. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old and writing stories about ponies in my bedroom. One day I hope I’ll get there, but just knowing so many of you believe I can and should, means so much to me.

What’s your lifelong dream? I’d love to know.


Amy Marie

Wow, congrats on your 304 followers, that’s quite an achievement! I can def understand why though I love your entries, they’ve become a bit of a blog addiction of mine and def one I look for every day.

Looking forward to some more of your challenges, they’re so interesting!

Love, Amy Marie.


Do so love those boots.

Go for the book! I’d love to be published some day, too… I’ve always been a fiction writer, though.

My childhood dream was to be a marine biologist! Unfortunately, maths and I had a serious falling out, so it was not to be.

E is for Eleanor

Jen, a book from you would be immense! I can just imagine you doing a book signing 😀

Excited about all this mystery and CONGRATS on 300 followers, so brilliant!

Great skirt- love it with the shirt x


Lifelong dream is to live in the countryside with a huge garden and lots of Pugs, French Bulldogs and Sausage dogs running around (preferably rescued ones), typing away drinking lots of tea and baking cakes. Ahh that would be lovely! xx

Second Skin

Its very obvious that due to your very adorable haircut, practical yet super stylish fashion sense, and incredible way with words incorporating information and humor, you are destined to continue to see these numbers climb! Congratulations on your charity shop “size doesn’t matter” realization, your sparkling writing future (proof!! The Lazy Girls Guide!) And your very sweet presence here! You are such a real and inspiring woman!

Anna Jane

I was just about to say “omg wow you’re applying for britain’s next top model? how exciting!” then realised you were joking, right?! I’m so bad at spotting sarcasm it hurts.
But seriously, the reason so many people follow you Jen is because you know how to experiment with styles, fabrics and textures, and you’re not like so many conventional fashion bloggers who reinforce this ideal that you can only look good in designer items. Good on you!

I love how you’re working this denim shirt. I would never have thought to tie it up and add a voluminous bubble hem skirt, but you’ve proved this look can work wonders. And obviously it works even better with your gorgeous Guccis 😎

– Anna Jane xxx


You deserve every one of those followers missy 🙂 So glad I stumbled upon you many moons ago! Without a doubt I think you should write a book. I would certainly buy it and I know alot of others would too! My lifelong dream is to be happy, healthy, comfortable with money and have a family. I know its not a very career orientated one, but its honestly all that matters to me. A nice job would be a plus, but I want to have a cosy little set up with my nearest and dearest in the long run ♥ xx


I’m so jealous of your skirt. & even more jealous of your boots. & sadly, I think I’ve told you this before! I’m sorry, what can I say? I know what I like!

I would definitely read a book you’d written – I love your style of writing. You’re imformative, yet humorous & it’s so easy to read, without being dumbed down. Ah I’m making no sense. But anyway, I’m sure you get the idea 🙂


You should definitely get started on the first draft of that book Jen. Love your writing style, always so witty and entertaining.

My pie-in-the-sky dream (ie one which involves winning the lottery) is to buy a Georgian rectory and turn it into a themed bookshop – childrens books in the nursery, cookery books in the kitchen, crime books in the library (with various Cluedo style accessories, naturally). With a teashop attached of course so that I can indulge my love of baking.

Vintage Vixen

Groovy outfit, Jen and you so deserve your 300+ followers.
My dream isn’t far off what I’ve already got, health, a loving man, a Georgian house, no debts, great wardrobe….perhaps 6 months a year in India instead of 2!


hey my dear im having a giveaway soon too, to celebrate having 203 followers 🙂
Love the denim shirt and boots!!! great outfit my dear!
vicki x


I’m waiting for the day you publish your book! You’re an amazing writer, I hope it happens to you one day!

My dream is to open a little boutique of my own! And travel the world with my love:)


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

woooahhh. My sister has that skirt! And your shoes are AMAZING.

And WOAH IRONY. I just got accepted to Canada’s Next Top Model! Actually, I just won. So HAH?


Love this skirt! cute outfit.

My dream, to be able to do what I love everyday without the worry of money and bills. To move back to the country, with Andy and the dogs and make pottery, paint and bake whilst Andy runs a little farm. One day….

X xx


As I’ve said many times before…you simply have a way with writing. Your blog is so inviting and interesting, yet so detached from all the cloned style blogs out there and that’s why people feel a real sense of connection when they read your posts! 🙂

I say a book is most definitely a future prospect!! I sure would pre-order my copy!

& I love love that thrifted bag once again

Cafe Fashionista

Yayay, my love! Congratulations on breaking through the 300 mark! My lifelong dream is to also have a book published someday – hopefully it comes true for the both of us!! 🙂

Polished Sense


You are just too adorable. Loving the energy you provide 😀 If I ever come to UK I must meet you 😀 love the boots with this look and the bag!



You are so cute in that outfit Jen. And you truly deserve each and everyone of your followers. You are such a gracious and charming lady. xoxo


LOL, lazy girl guide, what a brilliant idea. I love your shoes in this outfit, especially with the eggplant colour of your tights, fabulous!


Oh, Jen! I feel like were kindred spirits! I’m writiong a book too … it’s in the oven … a mannual on a beginnning choreographer’s guide to composing/creating dances. I’ve finished 3/4 of it. The ending part is getting me stumped.

Please do go on with that book … it will not only be a helpful guide to living chic and resourceful but it’ll be truly inspirational for anyone with a budget!

Ana - Toil and Trouble

Love the mixture of tough and feminine in this outfit!

My dream is to buy a lovely house with a back yard and a library, and make a living teaching martial arts with my husband and making extra money from my Etsy shop. That would be grand.


It’s because you are a lovely person – well-spoken, stylish, heaps of humour… That’s why people follow you. Also your writing is excellent, so I’m all for the book project. My life’s ambition? Probably finding out what my life’s ambition could be…


I love your writing style Jen, I feel like you’re talking to me and only me. You should write a book, honestly it’d be great.
I kind of nicked your asking a question at the end of a post thing as I think it’s a great way to end a whole chunk of “me” talk.
I’m already living the dream, I’ve pretty much got everything I need, my dream changed from year to year though so I’m going with the flow.
Vicki xxx


yayy congrats on 305 followers(now)!! you know we love you posing in your fabulous outfits! 😀 i like the way you’re wearing the denim jacket



this skirt is one of my absolute favourites, sometimes i have to slap my wrist from reaching to wear it every single day. however ive never thought about teaming with a shirt tied like that before and i absolutely love it! its gorgeous. tomorrow im gonna be rifling through my shirt collection to try and make it work on me, haha. thanks for a fashion inspirational post! love your blog i do i do xox


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