Inappropriate Footwear

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M&S floral check shoes block heel

Who cares if your feet are cold when they look this cute?

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While browsing bridesmaids’ shoes with my friend Laura at the weekend, I found myself face-to-face with the most fabulous, floral heels. Entirely inappropriate, for both her wedding and the current weather, but I had to have them. And who can blame me – they’re adorable!

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I couldn’t wait to wear them so despite freezing temperatures and gale force winds, they’re on my feet today. Admittedly I can’t even feel my feet due to coldness, but that’s a small price to pay for cute shoes, amirite?

Pssst – M&S have 20% off women’s clothing and accessories at the moment, making these shoes a totally amazing £23.60. You should probably just buy them now and save us all the fuss. Or maybe the black ones (which I also picked up)?



They are gorgeous and look very pretty, lovely with your outfit and a reasonable price but since I have to walk an hour a day- I won’t be donning them just yet- do you have a long walk to work? I’m presuming not since I’d hate to get these muddy in the rain!x


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