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It’s very rare that I post about brand campaigns or collections. Lots and lots of blogs do that, and when press images do the rounds it’s hard to find an original way to present them. But when these images landed in my inbox I was bowled over by them – I love the styling, the composition of the shots, the clothes, the shoes, the home furnishings… just take a look!

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The images are part of Bertie’s new AW campaign and have given me so much wardrobe inspiration – this season I’ll definitely be pairing my plum-coloured pencil skirt with my leather biker jacket, wearing frilly ankle socks with chunky wedges and digging out silk scarves to tie around my head. I love the ‘country pub’ setting too – the last image sent me straight to eBay to search for stag heads, vintage pianos and tasselled lampshades.

Much fashion editorial leaves me cold, but this vintage-inspired, county chic shoot has me pining for crisp brown leaves and a cool autumn breeze. And because I’m a little bit shoe-obsessed at the moment (I blame the Melissas), here are my favourites from Bertie’s AW collection…

Julietta (also in khaki)
My love for heeled ankle boots knows no bounds… these would look great with a cute floral tea dress and bright tights.

Jay (also in black and snake)
These eye-popping chunky heels are crying out for a pair of knee high socks, a flippy skirt and a cosy knit.

Kracker (also in navy)
Like slippers with studs! I’d wear these with super skinny jeans, a sheer blouse and a leather jacket.



love the Jay heels – pop of colour for the autumn weather. Used to love Bertie shoes but hadn’t heard much of them of late – will have to check them out. x

A Thrifty Mrs

You may have saved me a painful day in heels at a wedding. I’ve been looking for some flat navy shoes and those last ones in navy could be perfect.


I do love your blog but you always talk so negatively about fashion and what it stands for I never understand this about you


Hi Anon, sorry I’m not really sure what you mean… when do I speak negatively about fashion and what it stands for?! I adore fashion!

Not sure if you mean my comment about fashion editorials – usually they don’t appeal to me but that’s my own personal opinion, not a slight on the entire industry or anyone who enjoys it/works within it. Sorry if I’ve ever given a negative impression of fashion – that’s truly not how I feel and I’d hope my love of clothing comes across in my posts.



Ohh I agree, this editorial is gorgeous! I’m going to add a silk scarf for my hair to the top of my autumn wishlist now 🙂


Completely agreeing with everyone else…this editorial is stunning and I totally get why you felt compelled to blog it! I am too now totally off to go tie a scarf around my head and attach some antlers to the walls! This sort of look is pretty much everywhere in this Autumn’s campaigns, I’ve noticed, and I’m totally and utterly in love with it!

I’m totally hearting Kracker…dont know why but I’ve a thing for mannish shoes atm, and adding studs to them makes me drool even more! In fact am oddly shoe obsessed full stop right now….its like I’ve got a shoe craving…


I love a Bertie shoe. Recently got the Molly May boots, they are lush! and will be worn all winter no doubt.
The flats are great, and I always love their advertising and campaigns.



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