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Way back in 2002, I loved me some flares. I was 16, had just started college and Avril Lavigne was my style icon. My outfit of choice was a pair of gigantic, baggy skater jeans paired with a pink Paul Frank t-shirt, striped sweatbands on each wrist and a pair of DMs on my feet. Sure, here in 2013 that outfit sounds god-awful, but honestly – back in 2002, I looked pretty fly.

Alas, the skinny jean soon took its rightly place as my denim choice du jour, and flares were banished to the back of my wardrobe and later given away to charity, never to be worn again.

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Hudson Signature Bootcut jeans c/o Jeanography | Cos jumper | Antoni + Alison coat via TK Maxx | Topshop hat | M&S boots | Topshop long necklace | NW3 wishbone necklace | Topshop ring

As part of my ‘Jeans of the Week’ project with Jeanography, I was sent these Hudson bootcuts… which I’m renaming flares for the purpose of this post. When I first pulled them from the box, I was stumped. Flares? In 2013? Really?! But after trying them on (sooooo much more comfortable than skinnies) and prancing about a bit, I had an outfit in mind.

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I went for a vintage 60s vibe, pairing my wide-bottoms (that’s the jeans, not my figure thank you) with a simple wool crew neck, a Studio 54 faux fur coat, a felt fedora and some layered gold chains. Trés Diane Keaton, I think you’ll agree.

I really love this look – it’s something a little different without straying too far from my comfort zone, and it feels good.

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How would you style a pair of flares? 60s vintage? 70s disco? Or full on 90s urban? Let me know, please.



I am in love with that coat! I would probably style my flares in pretty much the same way as you have, its a great outfit. Your tales of your style circa 2002 made me giggle.

Janine xx
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Caramel Latte Kiss

I haven’t worn flares in years! We all had them at school, the bigger the better. Man, I kinda miss flares now. So awesome. Apart from when it rained and you got soaked like up to your knees. Ha.

This is a great look, not that early noughties look at all.


I could have been in your Avril Lavigne gang- I was rocking a similar look back in the day. I LOVE this take on it though! This outfit is amazing x

Panty Buns

Wild 60’s vintage. Now I regret haveing thrown out my wild striped bell-bottoms from the late 60’s years ago! I knew I’d never fit back into them again but by now they’d probably be wanted in vintage shoppes. I think your 60s Flares look great. Where you were standing for those photos looks really icy. it’s icy here too. Be careful out there!


I’d go with wedges and a fitted top (most likely Breton), big bag and cuff bracket.
You look fab, love this look!


Love, love love it.
I’m a huge flares fan, and recently picked up a pair from ASOS. They are so flattering.
Your 2002 look sounds scarily similar to mine. Although I think I topped my outfit off with some questionable hair streaks. Yikes.

Maria Fallon

You look amazing, my 2002 was patchwork jeans (WHY GOD WHY?!) and some questionable vest tops! I have some flared jeans and I always go full on 70s, Farrah flicks and all, haha!

Maria xxx


This look is lovely! I love a pair of flared jeans. I like 60’s style, I’d wear them a floaty shirt I think!

Abbi xoxo

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This looks great – I was actually thinking the other day about when bootcut jeans would come back in… I have to admit, I’m a slow adopter to anything, usually end up missing most trends completely!


Flares are love. I just bought a pair of skinny flare jeans in the DP sale the other week, I may have to take some styling tips from you.


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