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Primark dress, Primark shirt, Accessorize tights, Primark brogues, H&M belt, Eclectic Eccentricity bracelet, Primark bangle… lots of Primark today!

The mantra everyone lives by in the advertising industry is K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Kinda insulting, but gets a point across none the less.

Fashion often tells us that simplicity is key – muted tones, classic shapes, tried and tested looks that can be worn season after season in a multitude of ever-so-slightly-different-but-practically-the-same ways. How many times have you heard ‘jeans and a white t-shirt will always be stylish’? Too many, I say.

I’ve never really been one for simplicity. I like PRINT and COLOUR and SPARKLY THINGS. I use exaggerated alliteration when I write, I’ve never had a French manicure and I hate minimalism. Complexity (like wallpaper patterns that provoke headaches, or the writing of George Orwell) is fun to figure out. 

There’s absolutely nothing simple about this outfit. Colour pop tights, denim, stripes, sequins, leather, stitched brogues… it’s enough to make one’s head explore. But I like it.

How about you? Are you a complex beast or a simple fellow? Is style all about complimentary colours and flattering shapes or do you prefer to clash and clutter? I’d love to know!

PS – Mastering a joyous jumping shot ain’t so simple either… here’s my best attempt! Don’t laugh. Please.



E is for Eleanor

I have always said simplicity is boring. I am the same as you, complexity wins every time.

Love the yellow tights with those brogues, and the jumping shot did make me giggle a little, don’t hate me! Hehe x


Clash and clutter all the way for me. I like fashion to be confusing, and not just simple and easy.

The Primark dress looks amazing yet again !


You look fab, as always, and far more graceful than I would in a jump shot!

As a bigger girl I try to keep it simple, but my inner magpie makes me love sparkle! x


I’ve got some bright yellow tights that have been languishing in a drawer for the past two years because I didn’t know what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration!


Haha, the jumping picture made me smile so much! 🙂 and I also laughed rather loudly because I saw the gold on your dress and was like OOOOHH (magpie girl) and then a few lines below you talk about simplicity but how you like sparkly things. I LOVE sparkly things! And I think aslong as not overdone with the rest of the ensemble, then KISS can kiss my ass 🙂 x


I love everything about this outfit – you pull it off so well 🙂

I think if you’re going for a ‘simple’ outfit, then you need details. It’s all in the details for me; nails, jewellery etc. Although, do those things complicate it & mean it’s not simple anymore? Hmm… I’m confusing myself!

Gotta say, am highly impressed with the jumping shot – very nice effort!



I don’t think I’ve quite decided where I fall – I’m a bit unsure when it comes to mixing colours and patterns, but I do love them. I may come down one way or the other at some point but for now I’m enjoying playing around with it.

I like the jump shot – really fun 🙂


Cool jumping shot! I never really know how to do those:P

I kind of love both simple and complex outfits, there are days when one of them works for me. So yea, I go both ways:)

Adore your mustard tights!


Gorgeous dress, I got a similar one yesterday.

I have always been a fan of spakle and piling on the accessories. As I’m getting older though, I can see the appeal of more ‘classic’ clothes.

Cafe Fashionista

Jen you are the cutest thing in that action shot – I absolutely adore it!

And yayay! I’m so glad you received the package; I hope you like the book!! 🙂


Hi there-I love this outfit, particularly the shirt and tights, I’ve braved purple opaques, maybe I’ll go brighter nearer summer, LOL!!

un petit lapin

I understand why simplicity stands the test of time and sometimes I go for the classic look, but since I’m young, I like to put a small twist on it. Whether it’s just colourful tights or a statement necklace to break it up. I’m not brave enough to go all out like you!


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