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Wearing: ASOS owl print tee, ASOS black skinny jeans, Steve Madden leather jacket, Gap snood, very.co.uk boots, Zara Taylor owl pendant, Primark ring
On: Saturday 27th November
For: The Aussie Bloggers’ Market

Yes, I am hideously under dressed for the weather. Again. Although I spent minimal time outside in this outfit, because Saturday was the Aussie Bloggers’ Market.

Aussie events are always fantastic, but I especially loved this one. Online journalist, creator of Bitch Buzz and all-round awesome person Cate Sevilla was there to talk to us about blogging, advertising, writing, building a community and other things I find intensely interesting. None of my real life friends are remotely bothered about blogging, so it was lovely to chat to to someone face to face about page views, ad spots and platforms. The wonderful Muireann was there too, as well as lots of other lovely bloggers, delicious food, a very helpful professional photographer and an utterly terrifying ‘flirt guru’.

I love learning new things, especially when learning involves getting my hair did and eating free baking, and doesn’t involve books or lined paper. Huge thanks to Cate for the inspiration, Muireann for the jokes and Aussie for general fantastic-ness. Time to put my new knowledge into action!



this is one of my favourite outfits ive seen you in jen! you look so snug! especially LOVE the boots!

Glad you had a nice time at the aussie event, I was going to go but work got in the way as per usual!


AHHHH! I really want that owl t-shirt!! I wonder if it goes up to my size? This outfit has got to be one of my all time favourite of yours. Its one of those outfits that I often attempt to copy and just don’t have the je nai sais pas to pull it off correctly! Love it!


Ooo, I can see snow. I’m nearly back in England, so am really excited about it.

You may be underdressed, but you do look amazing. The snood and Owl T-shirt both look really amazing.
I’m glad you enjoyed the bloggers market. The London one is this weekend: yay.


Loved your outfit! It was nice to meet you, and I agree, Cate was really interesting to listen to, I loved how open she was xx


First of all I have to start by saying the snood is amazing! I think that would make up for being underdressed for the weather it looks really snug and warm. It has been freeeezing lately in Leeds though, having zero amount of hair I always need to make sure I have some sort of head wear to keep my ears warm.

What are Aussie events? Are they based in Leeds? It sounds a really cool event. In fact any event where you get free food gets a thumbs up in my book, but free baking is a nice little bonus, especially if there was tea involved.

I’d love to hear about any cool nuggets of information you picked up from the event that you could share to your readers that would be fantastic.



Love the owl tee and necklace so much. They look like they were made to be worn together. The snood is equally as fabulous too xx


Ah Jen you look fab, love the owl look on you. And your hair is looking all sorts of gorgeous.

I’m missing the London Aussie do this weekend, gutted, they really do go all out.


Pearl Westwood

I went out in my leather jacket the other day and nearly froze to death, hasnt it got so cold all of a sudden. The owl t-shirt is lovely!! Sounds like you had fun at the meet up, none of my friends do blogging talk either x


I love that Owl Tee!

The North Bloggers Market sounds amazing – I am so sad I’m missing the London one this weekend 🙁


This outfit is perfect! I love the owl theme, just my kind of thing! Bet you were cold though, it has been soooooo cold here! hehe x

vint junky

I love the owl tee, he’s a cutie! It’s hideously cold, but i too have braved it in just a biker. We’re just hard Jen…Rarrrr!

The event sounds really interesting. Would have loved heard cate’s wise words

Bangs and a Bun

That flirt coach was indeed slightly terrifying. I just wanted to give her a shawl or something to cover that ample bouncing bosom that was somewhat distracting. Great seeing you there, looking fabulous as always. x


jen i LOVE this outfit!! you look fierce!! (i know i cant get away with saying that but it was the best word to describe it!) 🙂 xo


Jen are you barking mad, I would have caught frostbite! The snood is gorgeous though, you can definitely tell it’s not a Primark cheapy! I saw the owl tee on ASOS yesterday, just waiting til I can justify putting it in my basket. You look awesome.


I love your cute owl tee! How are you not freezing in this outfit?! Haha. Ooh, I’m glad you had a lovely time at the event. It sounds like a really nice opportunity to meet people. Have a lovely week sweet.


Love the top!! And love the boots too 🙂

I am always under-dressed for the weather because I hate coats! I love how they look but I just hate taking them off/putting them back on again..I’d rather just go without 🙂


Really adore this outfit on you, it looks more casual than I’m used to seeing you in- but you look great! The leather jacket with the GORGEOUS snood is great.
Glad you had fun at Aussie- I can’t go to the London one due to work, so I only have photos to look forward to


jen, you look wonderful. these photographs are perfect! i love the simplcity of the grey, black and white outfit against the snow (jealous! there isn’t even a single snow flake in my part of london!) and the brick wall. xxx


Jen, this outfit looks absolutely amazing. One of my favourties of yours I think. I love how black jeans can automatically take an outfit from being Saturday casual, to stylishly appropriate. This looks amazing! The snood is awesome too =)

Glad you had a great time. xox


That’s a great look! It’s so hard to suddenly adapt one’s clothing to the chilly winds, I find.
The blogging event sounds great – I love meeting fellow bloggers and share experiences. xo


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