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Back in January, I was invited to take part in a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine. At first I wondered if they’d mixed me up with some supermodel of the same name, but when I heard the words ‘charity shopping’ I knew they were on to something. My love for second hand shopping is well-documented, so I was delighted to be asked to share my tips with InStyle’s readers.

The shoot was done in collaboration with Oxfam (I write regularly for their fashion blog) and the lovely Oxfam ladies brought along some donated goodies for me to wear. The striped dress features in their current press campaign which you might’ve spotted in Company Magazine and Grazia – it’s hard to believe someone would give it away! The rest of the pieces are my own charity shop finds, including the slightly-too-small Gina shoes and a gorgeous Gap trench coat I picked up a few days beforehand. Yes, as soon as I found out I’d be wearing head-to-toe second hand in an issue of InStyle, I hit the charity shops… hard!

The day of the shoot was freezing cold but as the feature was for the April issue, we had to pretend it was gloriously spring-like. So please excuse my ‘I’m-so-so-cold’ face and ‘my-hands-are-numb’ fist. I can only presume the rest of my photos were god-awful for them to choose that one…

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Yikes! Apart from that full-length shot, I’m pretty pleased with how the feature turned out. Apart from me and my charity shopping, there are girls representing crafting, market shopping and eBaying in the feature – there are some great tips for budget shopping.

What do you think – should I be charging £10,000 for my next shoot? 😉



Wow congratulations!Great photos. Interesting to see from your pics that the make do and mend is the considerably well off Jazz Domino Holly aka Joe Strummers daughter.. hmmm


Clearly the headline on the front cover is all about you! How t look fantastic? Yup, you have that covered!

Congrats on the piece – you look amazing, and always inspire me to go rummaging in charity shops!

jimmi lou

What a great feature, congratulations! Shame I can’t buy it over here but I was able to read your piece from the images!

joanne from


Hi Joanna, let me know if you’d like a scan of the full article sending over. I have it if you’d like to read it properly! 🙂


Check you out, lady! You look awesome (yes, even in the full length shot, why on earth don’t you like it?) and what a cool thing. Well deserved. I really must learn from your charity shopping, I am terrible at it! Far too impatient!

A Girl, A Style

Thanks for your lovely tweet – so glad you love the blog! Just spent a happy half an hour reading yours and it’s a lovely place you have here!

Briony xx


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