London Fashion Week AW14 – Day 3

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vita gottlieb AW14 fashion scout

Sunday was actually my last day down in London for Fashion Week frolics – I’m now writing this on Monday, back at my desk in Leeds. It’s kinda surreal to think this time yesterday I was FROWing it up at Freemason’s Hall… so before the experience is lost among the daily grind of gas bills and pasta bakes, I’ll commit it to blog memory and share it here with you. Here we go…

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Skirt, H&M | Roll neck, Zara | Boots, M&S | Bag, c/o Brit-Stitch | Belt, Forever 21 | Necklace, Whistles

My last day outfit was the result of a desperate search through my wardrobe for anything remotely ‘fashiony’, at 11.30pm the day before I headed down to London. I absolutely DESPISE travelling without every conceivable outfit option to hand (which is why I’m so often charged for overweight luggage), but the prospect of dragging half my clothing collection across London (dear Kings Cross, please invest in more escalators and lifts. Yours, Jen’s Separated Shoulder Blades) was too much to bear. So after exhausting my carefully planned outfits on days one and two, this is what I was left with. BLACK!

london fashion week aw14 street style
Coat, French Connection

I also wore my coat in that dickhead way I usually ridicule on others. Lovely Clare, who took this photo for me, and I had a giggle over the ‘coat cape’, its impracticality and how we’d be ripped a new one if we went back up north making such poor use of our outdoor garments.

london fashion week aw14vita gottlieb AW14 fashion scoutveronica basharatyan aw14

After a nice wander around Somerset House and some free breakfast at a presentation for… someone (I spotted the cheese and tomato croissants from 50 paces and no one stopped me eating, ahem, three) I headed back over to Freemason’s Hall for the day’s shows.

We kicked things off with Vita Gottlieb, who presented a beautiful if slightly unremarkable collection of printed dresses, leather pencil skirts and punky sequins. I loved the floaty yellow silks – such a gorgeous mustard colour.

My second show of the day was Veronica Basharatyan, which was all futuristic leather, blonde bowl cuts and glittery blue lipstick. My inner Yorkshirewoman was scoffing but the new, wears-coat-without-sleeves Jen quite liked it, actually.

My final show was Mimi Fasi which I loved – full review of that tomorrow.

All images taken with the Panasonic LumixGM1.


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