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Because I’m incurably nosey, I love poking around in other people’s bags. Probably not in real life (although don’t leave your stuff unattended when I’m around – sometimes the temptation is too much), but most definitely online. The Fashion Week handbag is a particularly interesting one – do you prepare for every eventuality, from sore feet to torrential rain, or go minimal and stick to the basics? Let’s take a look…

london fashion week street style

First up, my outfit – I wore Uniqlo jeans, a Next shirt and trench, ASOS necklace, charity shop cocktail ring, years old leather belt and Zara heels (which hurt. A LOT).

IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_8087

My bag is by Mulberry and was kindly sent to me by John Lewis. I love leather handbags but usually go for huge, slouchy affairs filled with a lifetime’s worth of junk. So how did I fare with this teeny tiny version?

IMG_8083 IMG_8086

I filled this little beauty with my Fashion Week essentials – my iPhone for capturing the shows, some change for lunch, my debit card for emergency glasses of champagne, my Oyster card (in a colour-coordinated wallet – so fashion!) for hot-footing it across London, a Lush lip balm and Topshop’s All About Me lipstick for touch ups. And that’s it! Well, kinda…


My secret shame – a gigantic Gap tote that contains an umbrella, flat shoes (thank GOD), multiple bottles of vitaminwater, schedules, my camera, more makeup, a hair brush, plasters… the list goes on. So not quite the minimalist look I was going for, but I least I’m always prepared.

Do you lug around a massive handbag, or are you the small and dainty type? And tell me – what’s inside?

PS – I’ve been working with John Lewis throughout Fashion Week and tomorrow I’ll be hosting a Q&A session on their Facebook page – if you have a burning question you’ve been dying to ask me, please come over between 12-1pm tomorrow (Weds 22nd) and I’ll answer it for you!


Vanilla - Notes from my closet

It depends on where I’m going as to what I lug around with me 🙂 I’m usually on the over packing half of the scale! With spare tights and notebooks and my camera coming with me even to go get coffee! ha ha. You never know what is going to happen so it’s best to be prepared 🙂 I adore the colour combination in your outfit! shame the shoes hurt!! they are GORGEOUS!

Love, Vanilla

simple sophie

I totally agree with having a nosey in other people’s bags! Your Mulberry clutch is super cute, but definitley too small for me – could only handle this for a night out. I tend to use oversized bags for college and then a medium sized tote for day-to-day use. If I’m just nipping into town then I can fit everything into a small over-the-shoulder satchel. I would definitley be you carrying this oversized tote around London – what I call a ‘Mary Poppins’ bag! ox


Yay love them both! I’ve been trying out a smaller bag lately and it’s working rather well – mind you it’s still not exactly small! 🙂


I love posts like this! Was very impressed that you fitted everything into such a small bag… but the massive tote made me breathe a sigh of relief I’m not the only one who needs to cart around tons of stuff!


I am exactly the same, Emma Jane – in fact, when I went for physio on my neck after a car accident, the therapist told me off for carrying such a heavy bag as it’s damaged my muscles! So be careful, and maybe buy a laptop bag for your MacBook 😉

Skin and Blister

Wow. Lucky lady to get a Mulberry bag. I love what’s in my bag posts. I had a phase where I was totally anti-bag but ended up looking like a Michelin man filling my coat pockets with stuff and was forever losing my bank card so soon saw the error of my ways. I prefer bags with compartments.


Oh yes, I NEED compartments! The Gap tote has one (ONE!) pocket with no zip so is essentially a bottomless pit – try finding your car keys in THAT! 🙂


Somehow missed your last couple of posts! Anyway I like my totes, just like you, as I carry so much stuff. For a night out though the minimalist look is preferred with a clutch like yours. Also I really like your hat & monochromatic look from the other day too 🙂 xo

Caroline Brindle

Small-ish satchel: phone, kiehls mint lip balm, purse, iPhone, earphones, keys and Topshop mischief lipstick. In one compartment I have: a nappy, a nappy sack, baby wipes and a bottle of hand gel. For baby emergencies!


Never mind fashion week, I’m always lugging round endless amounts of junk. Notebook, filofax, giant purse, make-up…you name it, it’s in my bag. Plus I usually have a magazine or a book. I can’t bear the thought of being stuck without something to read!


I love your little Mulberry! I carry a small Osprey bag for essentials (work pass, powder, lipstick, pen) and a bigger Longchamp bag for all those other “essentials”.
Good luck with the John Lewis Q&A tomorrow. x


I’d love to be the kind of girl who carries a small bag around with her but I’m much more the ‘lets bring everything except the kitchen sink’ kinda gal.
That Mulberry clutch is so beautiful though, if someone were to send me one I might be persuaded to travel a little lighter…
Loving your outfit too btw!



Very jealous of the Mulberry bag, I have such a thing for buttery tan leather!
Well, I am a bit of a big-bag-lady usually carrying my phone, keys, make-up, kindle, books (yes both!) diary, post-its, half a medicine cabinet, my purse…
I do sometimes have a cull of non-essentials but it always ends up looking the same! x


Love the little Mulberry! 🙂 I think it’s better to just take the essentials sometimes.. saying this though I’m often guilty of lugging round a big bag!

Caroline x

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Lovely and Fabulous Collections for the London Fashion Week! Like your handbag and I also prefer small handbag because I put essential items in my bag like comb, lipstick & lip gloss.
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.


This was such an enjoyable post to read! I’m someone who has to be prepared, but I do like to se how much I can fit into my little satchel 🙂
R xx


Oh dear that last picture with the big bag did make me chuckle!
I can’t even fit everything I want in a clutch on a night out! I literally carry my life with me. Inspired to do a ‘What’s in my bag’ post now, think I will soon!
Love that lipstick on you too =)


Firstly, what a gorgeous Mulberry clutch; love the neutral colour.

I too carry my life around with me! I have my handbag for the essentials (purse, umbrella, make-up bags, various sets of keys!) and always have a big tote bag for diaries, notebooks, glasses, water etc! I could never travel light.

Alice x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Mmmm, Mulberry. I have a long-term love for the brand but it’s just getting more and more expensive. I don’t know what I’ll do when my vintage scotch-grain ‘gig’ bag (waterproof, long strap, zip up) finally gives up the ghost. Lucky you for being send that one – although it’s more of a bag within a bag size for me!

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