Makeup Classes For Girls With Glasses – Lips

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My first post on makeup for bespectacled ladies went down so well, I’ve decided to make it into a bit of a series. Starting with lips!

I tend to keep my eye makeup quite natural, preferring to focus on rosy cheeks and bright lips to add colour to my face. If you wear glasses, eye makeup can lead to smudged lenses, watery eyes and general annoyance, so a pretty pout is a good alternative. Here are my favourite colours…

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Topshop lipstick in Whimsical 

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Topshop lipstick in Ohh La La

makeup with glasses
Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock

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Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio

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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain balm in Lovesick

These are the lip colours I wear most often. I’m a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks (duh!) – they have a long-lasting, matte finish and the colours are really bright and pigmented. I also love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains, which have a glossy finish and leave lips feeling really moisturised and soft.

I don’t like anything too heavy on my lips so I don’t use a liner or primer – I just whack it on and hope for the best. I lick my lips a lot so will usually reapply around lunchtime but find these formulas don’t go gloopy or cakey in the corners.

For me, lipstick is an easy, fuss-free way to brighten up my makeup. My heavy, black frames need a bit of balance and I think elaborate eye makeup can look a bit OTT with statement glasses, so taking the focus to another part of my face just evens things out a bit.

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I decided to stick with the Revlon lip stain for today’s look… it matches my nails nicely!

 Is lipstick part of your daily makeup routine or do you save it for special occasions? And if you wear glasses, do you focus on lips over eyes or do you prefer to highlight your peepers?



Lipstick is definitely a godsend for bespectacled ladies who love makeup! I love winged eyeliner but I always feel it looks a bit too much once I pop my glasses on. These colours are all lovely- I think I may need to nab myself a Topshop lipstick now!



Great post.
Lipstick for me. I wear sunglasses mostly as I have mega-sensitive eyes. Bright, bright lipstick.

I love the ones you have featured! Just bought a Lush lipstick today. Will try it tomorrow!


I love that red lipstick! It definitely works for girls with glasses, I find myself always reaching for lipstick, usually a bright one, regardless of what the rest of my make-up is doing, but I especially reach for it when I’m wearing my glasses! x
Sirens and Bells


great tips – althought I don’t let my glasses dictate to me haha I’ll wear what I feel like, maybe i shouldn’t?


No, you definitely should! This is just my personal preference and what I think works well for me… I know lots of people are totally different. Wear whatever you feel best in 🙂

Emma MacDonald

I wear lipstick most days. I never used to be a lipstick girl until I bought my first one from Dior, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I haven’t tried Topshop’s yet, but it sounds like I should!

Bemsy x


Fab post Jen! As speccy wearer I often get the makeup mix completely wrong and go tres heavy on the eyes only to find I need to keep cleaning the smudges on my lenses, that and the fact that the lenses often magnify the eye make up(hello Coco the clown) Ive never thought of going bright on the lips, I have similar frames to you and often wonder how to balance it all out! You look beautiful in every colour, I hope I can carry them off just like you!


Chloe Likes To Talk

I love the ELF tinted lip balms for a splash of colour against my 50’s inspired Prada frames which are black and quite heavy, but I’ve found because my mouth is quite small, anything REALLY bright/in your face on my lips whilst wearing my specs can be ott.


I always worry about wearing lippie with my glasses, I needn’t of eh!
Looks great so I will be applying Lovesick tomorrow (LOVE the Revlon lip stains) and wearing my specs.
Another great post Jen. xx


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