Monday 31/05/10 – the inconvenience of style

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Primark playsuit, thrifted shirt, H&M belt, New Look shoes,  Me and Zena ring, Helpless Romantic brooch. Nails by Barry M’s Grey

Suffering for style is something I don’t really believe in. Do I really need to crush my internal organs to look good? Do my toes need to be squished within an inch of their lives just to wear the latest heels? Can’t comfortable clothing be chic too?

Monday’s outfit defines comfort-chic. A roomy cotton playsuit, loose cotton shirt, flat leather sandals and a belt to add shape. Perfect for a walk into town to share a bowl of curly fries and a bottle of Koppanberg.

Not so perfect after the Koppanberg, when you’re desperate for the loo but have ties and buckles and the prospect of getting practically naked in a public bathroom to content with. And that, my friends, is the inconvenience of style.

Have you ever worn an outfit so impractical it bordered on the ridiculous? Did you persevere because it was just too damn pretty to change? Or did you give in and slip into your PJs in protest? I’d love to know!


Roo Paprika

My wedding dress was a fishtail dress with a rather beautiful train. I was told it was impractical, I was asked if I wanted it made shorter. No way, I thought, this is ‘my day’.

The first problem was encountered when we decided to have wedding photos taken on a beach. An Essex beach, in November. Mudtastic.

The second problem was encountered when I realised the only way I could use the lavatory was to hold the end of my train over my head and pull it up from the back that way. Not exactly the dream of blushing bridal beauty I’d imagined.

Style of a Fashionista

Not yet one thing I hate is feeling my clothes on me but as a fan of all in ones I know what you mean about going to the toilet especially as most of mine button up at the back.

Great post xoox


Great playsuit. I had denim dungarees once but you don’t have to take your top off so that’s not too bad.

Suffer to look good? That’s be a LOT of suffering for me….


I ALWAYS go for comfort over style. Perhaps why I’m not the most stylish of folk, but I just can’t cope with feeling uncomfy.

You look lovely here, you’re a definite style idol for me 🙂


Lisa Lisa Lisa

I love that romper!! So cute! I love polka dots, so you had me there =)

I’ve worn some seriously uncomfortable things. And I’ve learned my lessons and learned them hard.


Playsuits are the most inconvenient piece of clothing if you need to go the toilet a lot. I really want to wear one to Isle of Wight festival next week but I just know playsuits and portaloos don’t mix! xx


I love that playsuit! Luckily I don’t have the legs or the patience to pull one off haha.

Gorgeous as always! xo

Cherry Pullinger

The biggest inconvenience for me is heels, I don’t wear them often so when I wear them for a night out they absolutely kill legs are hurting for days afterwards but they look so much better than flats for a night out!


That playsuit is so cute! Although I had the same problem when I wore mine a couple of weeks ago…having to practically take it off everytime I needed the bathroom was so annoying! Especially as I was at my university library which has the most vile public toilets I’ve ever seen (apart from maybe at Reading festival…)

The most annoying style inconvenience is stilettos though, I can’t seem to wear them without the heels getting caught in every single pavement crack…after losing count of the times I’d carried on walking while my shoe was stuck in the street a few metres behind me I’ve ditched the skinny heels for wedges and chunky heels (still heels though as I’m really short but far more practical!) x


I have had the play suit problem so much recently! its so annoying having to strip off in the loo just to have a wee! Its something I’m defiantly not going to be wearing when I go on a night out I don’t think!


Probably, but no crazy stories to tell. Most of my unfortunate ensemble moments have been badly chosen fancy dress costumes (Think it’d be cool to make a dress out of bandages to be a mummy for Halloween? It isn’t. Unless you are a skilled seamstress and intend to make a real dress.)

PS Thanks for the SATC2 reassurance, was already planning a trip with my friends so I’m glad it’s worth it even for the nostalgia factor.


I’ve come round to the idea of playsuits for this summer but I need one I absolutely LOVE before I put up with the awkwardness of wearing one! 😀


Hi hi, you are so right, Jen. This is a MAJOR drawback of the playsuit. I can’t even count the inconviniencies I’m taking for looking stylish – but I balance it with a extremely sloppy evening look.

Ana - Toil and Trouble

you look adorable in this outfit, I love it!

I have to say I struggle with the idea of fashion vs comfort – when I started trying to be more stylish, I did spend my days being uncomfortable but telling myself I looked good. Now I’ve decided I won’t wear something if it is physically uncomfortable no matter how cute. I sometimes break that rule, but I try to stick to it.


Love the playsuit! This one looks so great on you, and the whole outfit looks chic and comfortable. I stuffed my feet into uncomfortable shoes far too many times.


The bridesmaid dress that I wore on Saturday had boning and it really dug in when I sat down, to the point of leaving bruises!

When I’m choosing my own clothes, I tend to suffer for my shoes. I have funny shaped feet, and even flats often pinch my toes. I’ve bought so many pairs convinced that I could break them in, only to have them languish in a heap when I realise that it can’t be done.


I touched on the inappropriate when I was younger, the days when I was just starting to go shopping by myself… but my head (and feet) has learned to put practicality (slightly) before anything else, so I’m totally a flats girlie now 🙂

haha I actually LOLed at your playsuit/toilet annecdote, I feel your pain girl I’ve been there too!

Ohh! I’m in Leeds on Saturday! I totally thought of you as soon as I logged onto my blogger account today, perhaps I’ll bump into you on the high street somewhere haha… if you see a random ginger girl blabbering away that will quite possibly be me 🙂

Claire @ Jazzpad


This always happens to me!
Style over comfort definately, and unfortnately! It holds me back quite alot, as I don’t want to ruin my clothes.
Thanks for this post!
What kind of clothes would you reccomend for running about a field or other muddier gatherings?
lots of love

Fashion Bandit

Yes I’ve had the playsuit problem too, but compared to my pencil skirt, that was nothing!

I have a beautiful houndstooth pencil skirt which has a really pretty frill on the back hem, The problem is it is SKIN tight!

Walking has to be small steps and slow, sitting has to be with knees crossed, standing up has to be carefully and going up stairs is practically impossible. Needless to say I’ve worn it all of three times, simply because each time I was swayed by the skirt’s good looks and I’d forgotton just how ridiculous it is to wear!



If I’m not comfortable, I wont wear it. End of. That’s the only issue I have with playsuits – I love the look, but I need to be able to pee! lol x


You look lovely in that playsuit, Jen!

And I know what you mean, my bane is high heels, I’ve suffered many a time from wearing them:P



Ah the dreaded ‘wee time wearing a playsuit’ nightmare. Especially if those few ciders have turned into a session…

Anything with anything dangly seems to get me, always trapped in doors, either ripping off, or taking me with it etc.

X x


I love this post. So true.

But I think the playsuit looks lovely, so maybe just maybe sometimes the inconvenience is worthwhile!


I’m all for comfort! I think the only inconvenient stuff I own is shoes that are too high to walk in properly. Even with them, I don’t suffer for fashion, I just save them for occasions when I don’t need to walk very much.

Vintage Vixen

One of my mottoes in life has to be “impractically over practicality”.
I’ve been a jumpsuit affectionado since 1977 when I became the proud owner of a Charlies’ Angel catsuit so you’d have thought I’d have learned my lesson by now.
I always tend to wear all-in-ones at festivals, often having to strip off completely in a field to bypass the queues for the loo. Man, even my wellies have got high heels.
I’d rather catch flu than wear a fleece!


This is exactly why I have never worn a playsuit! I have been known to suffer for style, the worst thing is probably a lvoely top just a tad too big which meant I was forever having to make sure I wasn’t displaying a tad too much cleavage!


This made me chuckle. I have actually mastered the “art” of doing a wee down the leg of the playsuit but I’d still not dare do it out and about just in case it all went wrong!


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