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A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in the Cox & Kings Holiday Wardrobe Pinterest Challenge. My task? To create a Pinterest board featuring my 10 fashion essentials for a holiday in a far-flung destination. With a renewed love of Pinterest and a serious case of wanderlust, it sounded like the perfect distraction from work. And as the kind of person who makes extensive lists of what to pack before going away, creating a digital suitcase for an imaginary holiday is kinda my idea of fun. Bring it on!

Cox & Kings offer tailor made holidays to a variety of exotic destinations, but the one that really appealed to me was Morocco. I’ve always wanted to go – there’s something magical about all those colours; the piles of spices and crumbling buildings. And after reading Rosie’s post about her Moroccan adventure, I was happy to lose myself in images of markets, fabrics and archways for a while.

morocco travel inspiration
Sorry for the slightly rubbish Photoshop effort. 

Here are a few pins from my board as it currently stands – I decided to pin some inspiration before choosing my 10 holiday wardrobe items. One of the reasons I chose Morocco was the wealth of colour the country has – bright pinks, rich reds, cool blues and tangy oranges are key shades. I also love the sweeping archways and keyhole shapes cut into cool white stone. All these things have been recreated in fashion time and time again and middle eastern style is often a key trend for the summer months. I can’t wait to get started on my packing pins!

Have you ever been to Morocco? Any style advice for my virtual wardrobe? I’m hoping to visit soon – one of many luxury holidays (I wish)!

Hey! This post is part of a competition entry. I haven’t been paid to post it, but I might get a holiday out of it. Plus, some of the links are tracked. Just FYI!



Your board looks great. I went to Morocco in April and loved it, such a beautiful country – the colours and smells were just so different to my usual London existence. Good luck for the competition! x

Rosie Hackett

I wemnt to Morocco a couple of years ago…. maxi skirts are essential, jewel tone scarves and tan leather sandals all relate to the industries. Such an amazing country.

Anyone visiting Morocco should venture to Essaouira which is on the coast. It’s a hippy surfer paradise, so beautiful and chilled the vibrant Moroccan culture!


The funny thing with Morocco is that mini skirts are perfectly fine (at least in the more touristic south), but shoulders HAVE TO be covered. The same applies for Egypt… uncovered shoulders is like walking around naked. Essaouira really is beautiful, as is Marrakech – though it can be a bit tough with not getting rid of guys trying to sell you things. x


I loved Morocco. The market can be scary though and some of the bits smell but the buildings are lovely xxx


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I’m going to Marrakech in September which I’m very much looking forward to. Went there a few years ago as well and you’re right about the colour and all the different patterns. Last time I was there I remember spending all my time hiding in the shade because it was so hot so a big hat and sunnies are a must 🙂

help for heroes UK

I have not been to Morocco yet. I hope to pay a visit jolly soon. I adore Moroccan fabrics, carpets and their dresses for women, the Kaftan and Takchita! And I would love to spend dreamy summer nights in Casablanca.


I’ve never been to Morocco but a friend went and her pictures are insanely beautiful, full of amazing architecture and pattern.. I try not to pretend that I am jealous.. haha xx


I spent a month travelling Morocco and it is such an incredible place. It was SO hot and you have to cover up there so I spent a lot of time in harem pants, they were comfy and kept me cool. I bought lots of amazing bargain jewellery out there from the souks too


What perfect timing, I’m off to Morocco on Wednesday! The board looks great and has got me really excited! Can’t wait to see what items you pin to see if they match with my suitcase! Xx


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