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Republic dress, New Look sandals, Zara Taylor Any Spare Change Vintage Purse Necklace


Tesco shorts, H&M tee, thrifted shirt, New Look plimsols, Primark bag, Rayban sunnies, Zara Taylor Any Spare Change Vintage Purse Necklace

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent a pretty package from Zara, who creates stunning, vintage inspired jewels over at Zara Taylor. My favourite piece by far is this amazing vintage purse necklace, which I’ve been wearing non-stop since Zara so kindly sent it my way. A friend at work told me I should keep cloves in it to ward off evil spirits (!!), although I’m more inclined to pop a photo of the Mr in there.

What would you carry in your mini purse? A teeny ribbon tied in a bow, a photo of your beau, a four leaf clover? Let me know, and tell me which outfit you like best today. I think the simple lace dress just pips the more casual shorts and tee to the post. What about you?

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wow that necklace is amazing! so ridiculously cute! i like the lacey dress the best! so feminine and sweet! especially with those gladiators!


I thrifted a lovely cream lace dress inspired by your blog with a similiar one +black tights+grey cardy+brogues. Now i have yet another inspiration for the dress!

Thank you xo

rainbows & fairydust

OH MAN! it too HARD to decide between them I LOVE the lemon colour of the dress on you but I am a sucker for layering and denim shirts at the moment!

and that necklace is pretty awesome too!

love love xoxo

E is for Eleanor

I’m loving the dress with bare legs, it looks utterly summery and lovely!

I’d carry the cloves I think, I’m aa stickler for superstitions!


what a beautiful necklace, it’s ever so cute! wouldn’t it be so romantic if your mr left you a love note inside, what a surprise that would be for you! the lace dress is also my fave, though i love where you have taken the last two pictures 🙂

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Sam Harvey

i would put this quote in the heart. “Your a Marine”, the sargeant said. “Be strong. We’ll get you out of here.”


Love the lace dress and the vintage necklace… such a romantic and sweet look.

I would put a pic of my two angels… my two boys and my loving rascals. Hahaha! Have a great day Jen! xoxo


Wow, that’s really cute! I’d definitely put photos in there, although knowing how much I fiddle with my jewellary they’d probably fall out!


That necklace is adorable! One of the nicest designs I’ve seen lately!

I think I would be inclined to put a picture of the boy in also, but I think if I put my mind to it I could come up with much better uses for it! (Let’s hope he doesn’t see that!)

Lovely outfits as always, especially love the lemon yellow dress.


I don;t want to be the voice of dissent, but I think I prefer the shorts look ever so slightly.

What would I keep in the mini purse? An emergency piece of chocolate. Maybe a Mini Egg. 🙂


Gorgeous necklace, and two very lovely outfits.
The lace dress wins it just, I adore that thing. And bare legs?? high five!!!

X xx


I love the lace dress, its so pretty and summery 🙂

The necklace is tres cute…I’m now addicted to another jewellery website thanks to you Jen!! Its so much nicer to get an exciting, beautifully wrapped parcel with your jewellery in it in the post than just buying it in a shop. xx

Pierrot le Fou

that is a gorgeous necklace! when I was wearing a locket recently my dad jokingly said I should keep a photo of him in it, i’d be tempted to keep on in the purse to see his reaction hehe


Oh wow that is such a lovely piece of jewellery. I actually prefer the shorts outfit, they are really cute! xx


I ADORE this necklace. & I love the idea of keeping stuff inside.

I think I would alternate the contents from time to time. I don’t know, I think the photograph idea is wonderful too.
It’s almost like a locket but not. It’s very unusual indeed. And I love the detailing on the actual purse.

Lovely item, I can see why your obsessed!x

Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen, that little necklace is the sweetest thing EVER! I’m not sure what I would carry in mine; I’ll have to think on it!

Loving both of your ensembles today; however, I truly cannot get over how dainty and demure the lace frock is – I believe it gets my vote! 🙂


wow i love the necklace, its really cute 🙂 i love the dress might have to go and have a look in republic now 😀 i have those shorts from tesco aswell 😀 xx


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