My Skincare Routine (Oily and Combination Skin)

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Recently I’ve had a few emails and tweets requesting a post on my skincare routine. I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite fanatical about my skin, and so my routine is quite… long. But I’ve seen such a huge improvement since I became so stringent (not literally) with my skincare, so I think it’s worth it. After a few glasses of red wine I may change my mind on this, but for now – here it is. The full and unabridged version of my current skincare routine.

(Before we start, it’s worth noting I have generally oily skin with no dry patches. I think this routine would work for combination skin too, but those who suffer with dryness will need more moisture, and if you have sensitive skin this may be a bit much for you.)

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Origins Never a Dull Moment Cleanser | Dr Jart Tight Effect Toner | Caudalié Beauty Elixir | Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser

I always start my day with a shower, and use Origins Never a Dull Moment Cleanser to wash my face. I discovered Origins via Kate at gh0stparties and although admitting it makes me a total blogger cliché, I absolutely adore their products. I was using the Zero Oil Cleanser but wanted to try this to brighten my skin during the dull winter months, and it really works. I prefer to cleanse with something that foams (I know, I know, foaming is bad… but it makes me feel so CLEAN) and this is perfect.

Out of the shower I sweep Dr Jart’s Tight Effect Toner (which sounds quite disgustingly rude, I think) over my face with a cotton wool pad, and follow it up with a spritz of the Caudalié Beauty Elixir. When it comes to toner, I’m not really loyal to any brand and will try whatever’s on offer/on the blogs at the time. Generally I don’t think there’s much difference between high end and high street toners, and only bought this one because it was on offer. It does the job and keeps my skin shine free for a few hours, so it can stay for now. The Beauty Elixir really wakes me up and gives my skin a bit of pep first thing in the morning.

It’s a common myth (and one I subscribed to for many years) that oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser. It really does – otherwise it’ll just produce more oil to make up for it – but it’s so easy to overload. Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser is my go-to – I apply a little bit before my makeup to keep my skin supple and oil at bay. It’s light and non-scented, it doesn’t clog my pores and so I love it.

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Bioderma Crealine H2O Cleansing Solution | REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser | Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner | Origins Never a Dull Moment Cleanser | Origins Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser | No. 7 Perfect and Protect Intense Eye Cream

I’m fastidious about nighttime cleansing – it’s a very serious business. I start by removing my eye makeup using cotton wool pads and the Bioderma cleanser. Another cult product I bought into based on beauty blogs, but this is actually wonderful for dissolving tough eye makeup and sweeping it away. I bought my bottle from eBay (different link – the shop I bought from no longer sells) but just be careful of fakes – if you’re ever in France, pop into a pharmacy for the real deal at a ridiculously cheap price!

Next I remove the bulk of my makeup with my Origins cleanser, but it’s the REN clay product that really does the hard work here. I apply it to damp skin and wipe away with a hot cloth to remove all traces of makeup and daily grime. It’s this extra step that’s really helped improve my skin, as there’s never anything left behind. I prefer to use this calming lavender tone by Elemis just before bed – the smell is so relaxing and it’s nice and gentle, too.

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With all my makeup gone, it’s time to put some moisture back into my skin. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never considered using a different moisturiser at night, but after reading Kate’s glowing review of the Origins Make a Difference Plus range I thought I’d try something more nourishing for overnight when shiny skin doesn’t matter. This luxurious face cream sinks in like a dream and still feels light on my skin.

My last step for bedtime is an eye cream. I have very dark under eye circles so need something quite tough to bust them – the No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense range is aimed at 35-45 year olds but I’m getting on really well with this eye cream, which targets dark shadows as well as fine lines and pigmentation (all of which I have, unluckily). Like toners, I’m not particularly loyal to any eye cream and have tried them all in the past. I think the effect is more placebo than anything, but I’m a sucker for anything that’s ‘new and improved’.

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REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask | REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask | Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream | Origins Super Spot Remover

I have a few products I grab when my skin’s looking a bit lacklustre. REN’s Radiance Renewal Mask is a new purchase – I’d avoided this as £30 for a mask seems a bit steep, but when I spotted a 20% off GLOSSYBOX code on Twitter last week I snapped it up. I’ve only used it once but I can already see the difference – straight after using my skin was smooth, soft and sparkling. I think this could become a real wonder product.

In my REN order were a couple of samples, one being their Invisible Pores Detox Mask. I love anything that works on pores, as I have a few enlarged ones on my cheeks. I’ve used this a couple of times and could really feel it working – a good sign in my books.

Although my skin is much better than it was during my teenage years, I still suffer from the odd spot and past insecurities mean I fret about them whenever they appear. I despise even the smallest blemish, so the Super Spot Remover gel by Origins is fantastic. I apply it after moisturising, leave it to work overnight (again, you can feel it doing its job which gives me an odd satisfaction) and by morning spots have disappeared or shrunk to nothingness. Love.

My final treatment product is Elizabeth Arden’s classic Eight Hour Cream. I’ve had this pot for about a year (I bought it from TK Maxx for half the usual price) and have barely made a dent in it – I use it very infrequently but when I do, it works beautifully. I have a recurring patch of dry skin on my wrist that I’ve tried everything to shift – Hydrocortisone cream, steroids, E45, Lush’s Dream Cream, anything formulated for eczema – and it just keeps coming back. So until I find a cure, Eight Hour Cream clears it up within the hour.

And that’s it! My current skincare routine, done. Have you used any of these products? What did you think? And what skincare products are YOU loving right now?  



Great post – I love seeing what other people with problematic skin use. I have the full size Ren Invisible Pores detox mask and I love it – it’s really cleared up my skin no end. Definitely want to try the Radiance Renewal mask though, but the £30 pricetag has put me off a bit. I love Ren so much though I think I will bite the bullet, and everyone speaks really highly of it.


I have oily skin too and definitely agree that moisturiser is a must. Whoever said it can be skipped obviously doesn’t have oily skin themselves. I’ve just started using the origins eye cream and haven’t noticed a big difference yet, but have heard good things about the brand so will persevere!


I love the Ren Invisible Pores mask, I was skeptical about face masks before I tried it (teenage memories of horrible peel of masks, maybe?) but it really made my skin look and feel better. I’ve been quite loyal to Avene products for the past couple of years but do change around my face washes and eye creams depending on what I like the look of. x

Mancunian Vintage

You put me to shame! Most nights I’m that shattered my face is lucky if it sees a face wipe near it (grim but true).

Though I do love to exfoliate regularly and use lashings of moisturiser (I’m more of a b=combination/at times dry kinda gal).


Really great post, I’ve got super dry skin along with patches of eczema and am experimenting at the moment with trying new moisturising products. I am definitely going to try out the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream so thanks for the recommendation 🙂


Definitely give it a go, although I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face as it can really clog pores. I’ve also just tried a balm from Kiehl’s (can’t remember the name but it’s specially formulated for eczema) which has really helped so maybe look into that too! 🙂


I’m going to be doing a massive skincare shop now – my (oily combination) skin is dreadful at the moment so I need some new bits I think! x

Food, Fash, Fit

I’ve always had oily skin and never been able to get away with not using moisturiser! My skin goes tight and gets really painful if I try to skip it!

I’ve flirted occasionally with using toner but I never felt like it did anything. What benefits do you think using it has for you? If there’s something that will reduce the oiliness of my skin I’d like to try it out, sounds like toner could be the missing link!


Yep, feeling the tight and painful thing!

I think it’s probably more just habit than anything these days… I used to use it to wipe away makeup my cleanser hadn’t got rid of, but now I use a cloth that step is pretty redundant. I do find that in the first few uses toners are good for tightening pores and controlling shine but my skin always get used to them after a while.

It’s worth trying a few and seeing how you feel about them but like I say, don’t bother splashing out. Hope that helps!


It’s definitely worth it, Charlie – it is a lot at first but it lasts for aaaaaaages so cost per use is probably tiny! 😉

Lucy Loves To Blog

I love posts like this, your dedication to your skin is incredible!

I’m embarrassed to say all I do is clean off my make up using whatever face wipes are on offer then stick on a bit of moisturiser. The thing I have no idea where to start!

Lucy Loves To Blog


I love this, it’s really inspired to get back into skincare. When I was diagnosed with early menopause my mum took me to House of Fraser to get some nice moisturiser because it was making my skin really dry and I went for the same Origins one you use during the day. However, due to early menopause, my skin changes all the time and I can go from being dry to very oily so I think I need to bundle up my skincare depending on which I need at different times. I normally use the Number 7 hot cloth cleanser and Elemis pro collagen marine cream which is brilliant.

mama mio

I haven’t done a skincare routine post before so I thought it was about time.My skin is far from perfect and I tend to get hormonal spots on my chin but I have found some great skincare products.


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Jen xox

This post is great, you sound like you have the same skincare problems as me so this has inspired me to try these products 🙂 The REN Radiance Renewal Mask sounds like just the thing I need! Thank you.It’s people like you who have inspired me to start a blog 🙂

Jen xox

The Natural Beauty

Oily skin sucks more in compared to other types. The face-pack you have suggested here sound amazing and hope it will be most result oriented. Would like to apply it once. Great tips!!!


Hey I really enjoyed reading your post my skins really oily and I break out quite often but it’s not intense it’s just a few pimples here and there but I’d like to really get my skin to look good… I have one question about the products you use… Are they all organic natural ingredient??


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