My Style Challenge – Day 1

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Topshop top, Primark polo neck, River Island shorts, H&M tights, Primark socks, Primark bangles, Primark ring

And the details…

Barry M ‘Pink Flamingo’ polish

Can you guess what it is yet? A few days ago I announced I’d be trying out a style challenge this week. And here it is!

From the moment I slipped my first pair on (wide flare bootcuts with ‘Native American’ embellishment!), I was a jeans girl through and through. I had about 20 different pairs, all in varying shades of… denim, I guess! I went from major flares to skater girl baggy, classic slim to seriously skinny. I tried every brand I could and for 2 years, I actually worked in a Levi’s store. My love affair with rivets, coin pockets and belt loops had well and truly taken hold.

When I hit 20, I started being a little more adventurous with my clothing, and I get braver and braver every day. But I’m still drawn to denim and rely on my jeans when I just can’t be bothered. That’s something I want to stop doing.

So, for the next 5 days, I’m banning jeans from my wardrobe. I’m sacking off my skinnies, banishing my bootcuts and pushing aside my pull-on-and-go pair. And I’m being more adventurous in the outfits I do choose – I’ve got a week of shorts, skirts and stylish slips.

My challenge kicks off with this monotone marvel. The shorts were a killer sale bargain I picked up at the weekend – £39.99, down to £5 in River Island. I paired them with a simple polo neck and this loose, smock style top from Topshop. I also wore knee length black boots that were way too dirty from the slush to photograph! I really like how this outfit turned out, and I’m excited to show you how I pull off my no jeans challenge for the rest of the week.

Do you think I can do it, or will I be buttoning up by Thursday?



Im loving the barry m! Goes perfectly with your bangles 🙂 You look as lovely as always lady. And I think the no jeans challenge sounds like an exciting one. Youre always really creative with your outfits, I defo think youll be able to see it! Looking forward to seeing how you get on 🙂 good luck xx

claire eloise

lovely outfit, and of course you can do it! it’s been 2 years since i’ve ever worn trousers, though i did recently buy a pair,and i only bought my first pair of leggings in september. not wearing jeans means you are forced to be adventurous and therefore forced into trying styles you’ve always wanted to. good luck! xxx


you are really brave to do this! i pretty much wear jeans everyday, allbeit black ones for work but i’m stuck in a workwear rut! this is a great idea. I need to spruce up my wardrobe so that jeans aren’t such an integral part!


Such a cute outfit! You can do it! I rarely wear jeans, much prefer skirts and dresses to cover up my tree trunk legs as I’m too lazy to tone them up hah.

Lovely bracelets and yay for polka dots <3 xo


Great outfit and the accent colour in your nails and jewellery looks luuurvely.

I love a challenge and think you’ll easily manage it for 5 days – why not really push yourself and go for 10 days! (Ha! Says she who hasn’t even thought up a challenge for herself yet)


Love the shorts, have never quite been brave enough to do the shorts and tights thing! Think I might give it a go sometime soon.

The idea of outfit challenges is a good one, anyone got any other style challenges?


I am kind of the same way with black pants I have over 15 pairs and think that they are easy to match with all of my tops and jackets, which is good when you work in a professional office.

I think you can do it. Its good to challenge yourself and not just get stuck with the same routine.


Good luck with the challenge! Tights and leggings are essential if you’re not going to be wearing jeans! I never wear jeans (or trousers of any sort) so really rely on having loads of pairs of leggings to team with my shorts and skirts. Looking forward to seeing the outfits you come up with 🙂


Wow, I think you’re really brave to do this- especially in this weather! I tend to resort to my jeans a lot too, so I understand what you mean. Good luck! x

Cafe Fashionista

You can do it Jen! You know why? I’m doing the very same thing. As of late I’ve been incorporating tailored shorts, skirts, and leggings into my wardrobe, just to avoid the mundane style of denim! We can do it together!! By the way…j’adore your nail polish – such a fun color!! 🙂


You can do it! That’s actually a great idea, it would definitely help me be more creative if I were to try this challenge myself.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You’re a doll xoxoxoxoxox


Great challenge, you can do it!!
Love those shorts, what a bargain! and that is one Barry M I haven’t got, lovely colour.

X x


I think this is a great idea! And this is a great start to your style challenge! You look absolutely fashionable in those shorts and I adore the stack of bangles! Good luck with the remaining days:)


Love Primark!

And you’ll be fine with the challenge. I’m the same as you, I love denim, but there are loads of other things you can wear that’ll make you feel fab!


Just found your blog and I love it. What a fun challenge. I’m not a jeans person myself but I have quite an attachment to leggings.

The bracelets, polka dots and the nails together! I die. So fabulous!


I really love this outfit, and the nail polish looks gorgeous!
I decided at the start of last year that I wanted to start wearing jeans less, and honestly, I’ve never wanted to go back. I do still wear them for when I go to work just because dresses and tights wouldn’t be appropriate, but other than that, I think Primark should thank me for buying all the black tights that they stock 🙂 haha


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