My Style Challenge – Day 2

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Republic dress, Primark top, Accessorize tights, Steve Madden boots, Primark bangles, vintage belt

I hope you don’t mind my smug smile in these photos. I was just so pleased with how this outfit turned out!

I’m finding my challenge less of a chore and more of a short skirted adventure. It’s so fun to stand in front of my wardrobe and rifle through a menagerie of colours and fabrics, patterns and prints. I’m taking on each day with boundless enthusiasm for undiscovered outfits and possible pairings. I recommend you all take on a style challenge of your own! Go on – I dare you! And please share it with me by leaving a comment. 🙂

PS – How wonderful is my Mr for buying me this dolly dress for my birthday? It’s definitely one of my wardrobe wonders.


Claire xx

The dress looks fab on you – Mr has excellent taste!
My style challenge/new years resolution is to wear one item every week that has not been worn in 6months – but I have not taken photos, must do that!
Claire xx


this is my favourite outfit of yours yet i think! it looks so balanced, and the boots looks perfect. That dress is cuuuute! <3


I love this outfit, the dress is soooo lovely and I love the colour of your tights; I never wear coloured tights but this makes me want to!!! xxx


I love the dress. I’m currently doing a style challenge of my own. I’m trying to make do with the outfits I brought for my trip to LA. And this will alst for a month. Hahaha!


Omg, that dress is stunning! You’re so lucky to have a guy with such good taste lol.

I think if I was to challenge myself, it would be to alter the clothes that are too big in my wardrobe so I can wear them again- there’s a few there! xxx


Ah, now parkeetpie – surely that would make him an unobtainable cyborg boyfriend who also likes chick flicks and talking about feelings? 😉

I actually tried it on when with his sister and she passed the information along. Still, good work from him!


i love your little fashion adventure! i think its a good way to realize what actually works for you and explore options that you might not have considered before!
i love that lace dolly dress! so so cute 🙂



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