My Style Challenge – Day 3

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H&M dress, Primark top, Urban Outfitters cardigan, H&M tights, thrifted belt, Primark brogues, Primark necklace, Primark ring

And the details…

Phew – day three already?! I’m doing pretty well, right? Another day without jeans and I’m finding I don’t even miss wearing them. Hooray!

This morning I decided I really, really wanted to wear this cute little cover up I got from Urban Outfitters. I’m not a regular UO shopper (too expensive!) but I got a gift card for Christmas and wanted to spend it in the sales. I got this beauty for £14.99 down from £35 – very pleased. And a little smug.

Anyway, I really love nude, fleshy tones, but found them quite hard to incorporate into an outfit without my denim fail safe. What’s a girl to do when her fall back jeans are off limits? Well… go for another fall back, so it seems. I’ve worn this black pinafore dress so many times – it was only £19.99 and must’ve paid for itself 20 times over. And I think it worked out pretty well!

What do you think of today’s style challenge outfit?



I think I love it 🙂

That necklace is amazing, and the cardigan is beautiful too! Getting something cute on sale is the best feeling. x

You’re doing great on your challenge! I wonder if I could ever get the guts to say bye to my jeans for a week..


you’re coming up with some great outfits as part of your challenge! i love that perfect black dress, and the sequins on your new UO piece are gorgeous. i like how you dressed everything down a little with the brogues.

you know, i’ve thought about doing the opposite of this challenge. i’m a priss and never wear pants! so i thought about doing a week of ONLY outfits with pants. ~joelle

Cafe Fashionista

Today’s style challenge outfit? J’adore Jen!! The nude and black tones juxtapose so gorgeously with one another; and I absolutely love the subtle sequin detailing on your cardigan. And your brogues…could they be cuter? I am loving this series of posts – such a clever challenge!! 🙂


i will forever be a fan of creamy tights and black 🙂 i love the brogues and the cardi is lovely! You are really inspiring me to do something like this too!

pip a la chic

Oh how jealous I am you are rugged up in tights, cardi’s and covered in shoes. You’re doing fantastic in this challenge, well done. Can’t wait to see more. Check your email! x

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥

i LOVE this outfit today missy, great 🙂 love the tights & everything about it

Primark brogues…are u kidden? please shoe me a close up, i already have brown ones but these look to be slighty different..?



Looks like you’re doing really well, Jen! Maybe this style challenge can be extended a few more days/weeks??

I love pinafore dresses, they’re wonderful and reminds me of when I was a kid wearing them to school:)

Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s outfit!!



Love the necklace, love the UO cardi, simple yet with a little twist.
I think I’ve bought one top in there when I was in Vegas, it’s far too expensive!

Great going on the challenge. Make it look simple.

X x

Noelle Chantal

just stumble on your blog. wow i really love your necklace!! very exotic looking plus your sequin cardi is really nice too. i must say i love pairing in this outfit. and your lace ups look really great in white tights. 🙂


Love the necklace, had to check twice when I saw it was from Primark, never really spend much time looking at their jewellery section, might have to have more of a browse when I am next there!

Second Skin

I have to say that I am So proud of you and your style challenge! I sort of think 5 days is not quite long enough (but judging by how well you are doing you will probably get to the point where you won’t even want to wear jeans anymore!) You look AMAZING in all of these looks so far, but I especially love this one! Keep it up girl!


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