My Summer Uniform

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Vintage dress, Zara belt, H&M sandals, leather satchel via car boot sale

I love clothes, and trying with different looks is part of what makes fashion so fun. A jumpsuit here, sequin blazer there… a little bit of experimentation is good for the sartorial soul.

But when you uncover a combination you love, that works for every situation and makes getting dressed a no-brainer, it’s easy to wear it over and over again. The floral dress + skinny belt + flat shoes look is a favourite of mine and one I rework no matter what the weather. It’s not edgy, fashion forward or on trend, and I’ll never get FROW status at London Fashion Week in it, but I’ll still be wearing it all summer long.

What makes up your Summer Uniform?



This dress is absolutely gorgeous, the colour looks amazing on you, the pattern is so pretty and the length and style are just perfect. x


I agree, you can absolutely never go wrong with dress/belt/flats. My go-to for summer is usually just a simple tee tucked into high waisted shorts with a cardi over it!


Ahh, I passed up those sandals in H&M because I thought they might look cheap, but they look really good on you! I might have to go back and buy them.

My summer uniform is made up of jersey maxi skirts, floaty maxi dresses, shorts, sandals and big jewellery.


Loving the dress you got from Paris! I would love to visit there one day. :’)
My fashion uniform has got to be palazzo trousers with a chiffon blouse done up to the top held in place by a brooch. It sounds a bit fancy and well thought out but blouses have really become a staple for me. Hehehe, I’ll stop now! <3

Llara is the Little Scribbler

I’m like Elizabeth – my summer ‘look’ is basically my winter one with less layers! I too favour a cute dress but tend to mix up the shoes (she says, recalling that all she wore last summer was the same pair of floral Birkenstocks) and my legs are never to be inflicted on humans so I have a sad reliance on leggings…


I love this colour, it really suits you!
At the moment I always find myself reaching for tan accessories too x

Vintage Vixen

It’s a style that suits you and gives you confidence and makes you look happy and relaxed.
I don’t even need to describe my summer look, I’ve been dressing like a Woodstock refugee for at least ten years. xxx


My summer uniform is very similar to yours. I love how dresses are the easiest thing to wear but make everyone look well put together. I usually wear a lot of floral or otherwise patterned dresses with a belt and sandals. I also have a growing collection of high-waisted cotton 50’s style skirts that I love to wear with peterpan collared blouses. It makes me feel fancy and adorable.


I love your style!

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