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Primark maxi dress and belt, thrifted jacket and bag, New Look sandals, Eclectic Eccentricity necklaces

First up, a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on yesterday’s post. It was so encouraging to hear your personal experiences with blogger jealousy, and even better to know so many of you are ready to leave the figures behind in favour of just enjoying it. Bravo to us – we can do it!

As well as jealousy, yesterday’s post touched on stress. Stress is something that affects me quite badly – I have a terribly short temper, I’m quick to fly off the handle and I cry easily. I blame my creative (read – dramatic) temperament! For the last year-and-a-bit, I’ve struggled with an 80 mile commute to and from a pressurised job which has left me sapped of energy and lacking in enthusiasm for anything.

So, I’m very pleased to officially announce I have a shiny new job, a mere 5 miles from my house! Hooray!

I’m going to be Online Communities Manager at a youth research agency in Leeds and I’m super excited. My start date is 16th August and I’m already planning my first day outfit (well, what did you expect?!). I’m hoping my new job will mark the start of a change for me and the Mr – new careers, new house, maybe even a holiday or two!

Are you making any big changes to your life? Are you venturing into the unknown, taking a different path or trying something new? Or is it the little things that make the difference? Let me know.



Congratulations on the new job sweetie! Looking forward to seeing your first day outfit! xxx


Oh Jen that is utterly fantastic news!! Well done you!! I bet you won’t miss that dreadful commute at all.

Does it mark a huge change in terms of what you’ll be doing? I know it sounds a very different role title but I can’t imagine you wanting to give up the creative writing part of your current job. Hopefully you just get lots of paid time to be creative online instead 🙂


Who wouldn’t feel fed up doing all that commuting?!!? Enough to make anyone short-tempered.

Good luck with the new job.


OMG I nearly applied for that job! Congrats on it and hopefully you will be a lot less stressed from being overtired. I too have an emotional nature so I know how you feel!

Em x

Ohhh thats brilliant, well done! I’m definately venturing into the unknown at the moment both with moving and the baby, but i can’t wait! xx


Thank you for this post which has come at a perfect for me. I heard today I didnt get an important job I went for, which leaves me in a tricky situation financially. Not to mention the very unprofessional means of finding out I didn’t get the job! You have really made me feel optimistic again and like I CAN find what i want.


congratulations on your new job. That maxi dress looks lovely… i wish i could wear them, all the ones in the shops are so long, they don’t seem to cater for us 5″0 girls 🙁

Great outfit post as always and i love your blog 😀 x


Congratulations! I for one know how tough it is struggling along with a job that brings you down…so good on you for finding something that will make you happy.

Looking forward to seeing your ‘first day’ outfit! x


Congratulations! I don’t know how you managed commuting all that way! My husband drives Sheffield to Nottingham and back every day and he is always exhausted. You must be so happy especially as jobs are so hard to find at the moment!

I love that dress, so relaxed but incredibly flattering! x


Wow you’ve saved yourself 75 miles of stress everyday!! 😀 Way to go and I hope the new job is FANTASTIC!!


Congrats! I hope it all works out beautifully!

I decided to take a hold of my life and do a music degree. I’d been planning to take physics, but I’ve always known that music is what I really want to do. I’d been trying to please my parents and although I enjoy physics and I’m fascinated by it, I know I just want to be a performer. Fingers crossed!



Congrats that is so exciting! Last year it took me an hour and a half to get to work (and then home again) I was completely drained of energy during the week and every evening was spent in a routine – dinner, shower and bed! Not fun at all! When I started my masters this year the 10min journey to uni was a godsend so I know you are going to feel wonderful with all your new time!!

In terms of big changes this year was a massive change as doing a masters in a subject I had little knowledge of was light years away from my undergraduate degree and know that it’s coming to an end I’m going to relax and explore SE Asia for 3 months before…. GETTING A JOB!!!


Congratulations on the new job, how exciting. That is an awful commute at the moment.

Lovely outfit today.



Congratulations! With a job five miles away, you could even try to commute by bike. You won’t believe how stress-busting a ride to work in the fresh air can be!


Congratulations Jen! I once did an 80 mile commute for 2 years and at the end I had aged 10 years, had a stomach ulcer and an unhappy family. Now my work is much closer, but lately I’ve even changed to working 2 days from home – it feels like paradise!
I hope you have a great start to your new job and maybe even a few days off in-between. xo


congratulations! you’ll definitely have more energy, and it will save you a lot of money on fuel! x


Congrats darling.

Well in september I’m returning back to college full time to start on my journey of fashion journalism, so nervous and excited! x


congratss 🙂

I’m about to venture to europe – Paris actually – for grad school. Completely petrified… it’s kind of making it impossible to be excited, but somewhere inside I must be. I applied didn’t I ? haha

You’re new job sounds great tho – close by, and something that’ll have an impact on your community! Bravo miss 🙂



This sounds perfect, getting that little bit of extra time not spent commuting should hopefully enable you to relax a little.
Congratulations- this is great news :)x

the crafty currant

New job defo equals new wardrobe!! I was planning my capsule wardrobe for my new job before i even had an interview and then when i got the job, I was more excited for getting my new clothes … hehe!! congrats x


hey my dear just catching up on the posts ive missed while away and read your jealousy post, I am a terrible green eyed monster which is a trait that i hate but I relate to everything you say! I started my blog for a creative outlet and am going to try harder at not letting it stress me out if i miss doin a post and try and avoid getting envious! Congrats on the new job! you and the Mr must move to NYC too!! yay we cld be blogging buddies in the same city!! like sex and the city lol x

pip a la chic

Congrats on the new job! You’ll be happy you won’t have to commute that far anymore.

I’m in the process of starting my own label!


Fabulous news! Well done. Sounds a really interesting job too. What sort of research does the company do – market research or is it policy related stuff? (sorry will stop talking about work!)


Of course, well done on your new job! Amazing!

And also, THAT’S the denim jacket you got at the car boot? It looks fantastic on!

Keep up the good work, your blog is my favourite!



Congratulations on the new job!! That is wonderful that it’s so close! I am really liking your hair, by the way.

I wish I could say I’m experiencing big changes, because I want to! I’m still in school and at the same dumb job for five years…I’m ready for a change! There are a lot of “little things” that make me happy all the time though!


Oh Jen, I’m going to have to steal that black maxi dress right off your back! Now why didn’t I see this in Primark when I was there lol! It’s exactly what I’m looking for:P

Congrats on the new job, hun! It’s exciting when you have a new start in your life! Couldn’t be happier for you dear:)

LadyBugSays ...

Congratulations on the new job! I used to do a 60 mile commute each day and I hated it. But I moved nearer to work and in with the Mr and it was the best thing I have ever done! Love the maxi 🙂 looking forward to seeing your first day at your new job outfit!


Jen this is amazing news, I am so happy for you! you really deserve it, & I hope you’re going to celebrate it with a big shopping spree.. 😉
I can’t wait to start studying at london college of fashion in september, this is definitely going to be something new and a big change in my life!

xxx Iris


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