New Season Resolutions

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Primark playsuit and belt, Urban Outfitters hat, New Look sandals, nameplate necklace

On 1st September I made some New Season Resolutions. The first was to join a gym and go to it. I signed up last week and have been once so far, but my plan is to go twice a week. For the first time ever, I feel really motivated to get fit. After my recent camping trip and the 4 mile hike that went with it, I was so utterly exhausted I knew it was time to do something about it. So, reasonable fitness and moderate weight loss here I come!

My second NSR was to be more adventurous with my outfits. I get stuck in such ruts with clothing – floral dresses, tailored trousers, denim, cardigans – you get my drift. I guess some would say that’s a sign of knowing what suits my shape… yawn! Last week I tried on my dream playsuit and I’m saving my pennies to make it mine, but for now this horse-print affair and a cute straw trilby satisfy my appetite for something new.

Do you have any New Season Resolutions?



Cute playsuit! I love the hat too.
My New Season Resolution is to find a pair of trousers that I love – I never wear jeans or trousers but there are so many gorgeous pairs in the shops at the moment that it’ll be a big style challenge for me to find some that I like and actually wear them!
Good luck with your style resolutions and starting the gym 🙂 x


Ohh, nice jumpsuit Jen! Eek at the price though. The Primark version is much more affordable and ever so cute. A pal has the jumpsuit in that horse print and I am jealous of both of you but I know what works for me and jumpsuits and playsuits are not it!


love the playsuit.. i have recently become a fulltime stay at home for the first time since ive had my two boys.. so now i really need to get a whole new uniform.. of yummy mummy!!.. not sure were to start really though!!


Shoulder pads! Are you sure? What’s all this weight loss thing about? If the camera puts on ten pounds then you don’t look like you should be losing too much weight…


Good luck with your new fitness regime! I need to get more motivated there as well.

And that playsuit looks amazing on you!

Vintage Vixen

I must say that playsuit and trilby look gorgeous on you, Jen! A fab late summery look and it appears you’ve pinched all the sunshine, you lucky thing.
I’m back on the exercise routine, sorely neglected for the past few months and my poor ol’ arthritic bones are suffering.


Ohhh, I love this outfit! Good luck in keeping your NSR, they seem quite reasonable! I don’t really make resolutions at any specific time, if I want to do something, I’ll just do it. I’m hopeless at keeping resolutions! x


Cute playsuit, really suits you.

I need to get motivated, but eating crisps and drinking beer are far too much fun… 🙂


Vintage and Cake

That is so weird I was going to wear that tomorrow, I love it and the horse print is so pretty. Jen you have an amazing figure 😛 but yeah when winter comes it’s harder to keep fit so I see why you want to get a head start. Not sure want I need to change, maybe to buy less….. Like you say got to watch the money. Soon it will be bloody christmas before we know it, so I may start putting away for it. Great outfit 🙂


Aw Jen, this playsuit is perfect! So versatile, too. I reckon it’s look lovely in cooler weather with either a grey or maroon boyfriend cardi and worker boots!
Don’t go losing too much weight- you’ll waste away! you’ve got my ideal figure as it is! *jealous*

xxx Maddie


I like your idea of new season resolutions, why save them just for January!?

I found the best way to stay motivated at the gym was to sign up for an event, so I did the Manchester 10K run last May as it really did keep me on that treadmill!


You look fab. I’ve been debating over that playsuit for a while. Might have to nip into Primarni this weekend and snap one up! x


Cute playsuit!
I’m much the same as you – I plan to get active and go swimming more often.

Lou x –


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