New York City with Girlfriends #1

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I’ve been back from New York for almost a week now, and I still feel a little lost without those skyscraper buildings and twinkling lights to guide me.


I mentioned in my last post that I was heading out to New York for my fourth visit, but would be experiencing the city a little differently this time – with girlfriends. New York is an amazing city to discover with anyone, but the high energy, glamorous backdrop and abundance of shopping make it the perfect place for a girls’ holiday.


We stayed in an adorable apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – a beautiful neighbourhood very close to hipster-centric Williamsburg, but quieter and more peaceful. It was a great spot, with an amazing view across the river to Manhattan and a subway stop on the doorstep.

I fell head-over-heels for Brooklyn – Greenpoint and Williamsburg had such a friendly, community feel with so many independent restaurants, bars and shops to discover. I only spotted one Starbucks while walking around the area, and every street had that slightly gritty look that’s just so New York. An interesting contrast to the sparkling glamour of (some parts of) Manhattan.


When we weren’t wandering down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg with fresh juices and new purchases from Catbird, we were doing the tourist thing in Manhattan. My friends Lauren and Nic had never been to New York before and no matter how cool you are, first-time visitors HAVE to see the essentials.

So we did Midtown – Times Square, 5th Avenue, Central Park and Top of the Rock (more on those last two tomorrow). And even if you’ve seen it all before and the crowds annoy you and you shake your head at the prices, you can’t help but feel the magic from those instantly-recognisable buildings. 

We also visited Grand Central Station – I’d never been inside before but was instantly captured by that amazing carved ceiling and the art deco design. We marvelled at the New Yorkers just going about their daily business – catching trains, waiting for friends, generally hanging about – inside this insanely beautiful space. How do commuters get anywhere with such a distraction above their heads?


I have many, many photos to share so I’ll split this post in two and will be back tomorrow with more from our trip. For now, I’ll leave you with some top tips for enjoying Brooklyn with ‘the girls’ and recommend you book your own trip, stat.


Catbird for stacking rings
In God We Trust for seriously cool womenswear

The Meatball Shop for, well, meatballs. AMAZING meatballs
Fornino for spectacular pizza

Donna for stronger than strong (and also delicious) cocktails
PT for a cosy, relaxed atmosphere and more strong cocktails

Walk over the Williamsburg Bridge – different to the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s less touristy and more ‘authentic’, with loads of graffiti and an awesome (albeit obstructed by grates) view of both Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline.
Get a mani/pedi at Primp and Polish – I LOVE NYC’s mani/pedi culture. It’s so cheap, so easy and a great way to take a break from hectic New York life. I had this amazing nail art done in the Bedford Ave salon.



Some awesome pics- wow!

Grand Central Station is on our to-do list for our trip in October. It’ll be mine and hubs first trip to the Big Apple so we are very excited!

Looking forward to your next installment

Clare xx

anna s

just discovered your blog, new york seems like such vibrant place! grand central looks stunning xo

Bumpkin Betty

Ah this makes me so nostalgic for our trip last November! We loved Brooklyn and Willamsburg too although I’m now kicking myself for not discovering those bars or getting my nails done! Catbird was great, did you try a Dumont burger? my fave… great photos, can’t wait to see the next post!


Bumpkin Betty

Ah this post is making me so nostalgic for our trip last November! Your photos are gorgeous! We loved Brooklyn and Willamsburg too, such a laid back feel. Although I’m now kicking myself for not discovering those bars or getting my nails done, loved Catbird though! Did you try a Dumont burger? my fave… can’t wait to see the next post!



I’m so desperate to visit NYC, it’s very high up on my travel bucket list. Looks like you had an amazing time and I can’t wait for more of your beautiful photographs!

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


Man I miss NYC. Totally need to revisit, you’re making me very jealous!! Having lived in NY for 3 months I still don’t think I’ve seen everything… x

The Style Box

Oh that first picture with the orange light! Makes me weak at the knees!
Isn’t Grand Central Station just amazing! I was totally awe-struck when I first went as nobody had ever mentioned the ceiling to me before!


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