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I often go through stages where I think I have literally nothing to wear. It’s that kind of empty-wardrobe panic that prompts me to say ‘if I don’t go shopping I’ll have to walk around naked/in my PJs for the rest of my life‘ while stomping about and huffing a lot.

I do have things to wear, though. Of course I do. I have a 27-year shopping habit (you know I was planning my baby gro in the womb) and zero spare coat hangers – go figure. So bearing in mind my upcoming wedding, paltry house deposit and overwhelming shoe collection, today I decided to put away my Visa and delve into the depths of my wardrobe.

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Dress, Zara (very old) | Necklace, J.Crew | Boots, c/o Sarenza | Watch, c/o Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses, Orla Kiely for Boots Opticians

After much delving, I came up for air (it’s hard to breathe with a mouthful of polyester tea dress) clutching this Zara dress. I bought it before I started my last ‘proper’ job, so it’s about 3 years old. That’s about as old as things get in my wardrobe – I love a clean slate and often conduct mass clear-outs of my clothing, donating bags and bags to charity. It makes me feel better about filling my life with more grey marl t-shirts and Whistles dresses.

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So yes. This is an old dress, in Jen terms. And the best thing about it? Not the money-saving or solution to my nothing-to-wear panic, but the fact it looks better on me now than it did when I first bought it. Cashback.

Do you hold on to clothes or are you a perpetual purger, like me?



I agree, sometimes the older clothes can be the best! I love the dress and glasses too. Maddie x


I take a long time to get rid of a lot of clothes. I might alter it or wear it with something under or over it to change it up. Generally before making a purchase I think long and hard about it so once it’s mine I tend to hang onto to it forever.


You look amazing! I don’t mean to be rude but you look like you have lost lots of weight – looking fab (not that you didn’t before!) love the dress x


Not rude at all, Lucy – I have lost quite a bit between the two images! I’d say maybe 2 stone? Feels good 🙂

Thank you for your kind words x


I’m pretty sure I spend 90% of my life in that ‘I literally have noooothing to wear’ state of mind, it’s so bad! I have a really strange wardrobe with two parallel rails, so clothes get very easily hidden at the back. I need to have a good rummage and see what I find! You’ve inspired me to have a go at that tonight 🙂
You look lovely in this dress, you would never guess it’s 3 years old!
emmerliejay x

Lily Lipstick

You look great, Jen. I do try to regularly purge my wardrobe but it is satisfying to find something long forgotten that I still like lurking in there. x


I just moved house and had to clear out all my clothes to a bare minimum, which was hard but now I’m left with the important pieces that I love. x

Hannah Cagney Lace

I wish I could find this dress at the very back of my wardrobe, it looks absolutely sensational on you Jen and I adore the statement J Crew necklace.

Bet you were chuffed to bits finding this!


Niki Whittle

I hold on to my clothes for as long as possible. I actually really love the challenge of pulling out old items and restyling them with newer accessories, in totally different ways. This autumn tartan’s big again and I can’t wait to drag my tartan trousers out from the depths of my wardrobe and play around with different looks!


I am a nightmare at buying things wearing a couple of times and loving then forgetting about. Cue the wardrobe panic!
You’ve inspired me to have a dig around and start wearing my old clothes as new.


I’m a definite wardrobe purger as well. I feel like giving clothes back to charity makes up at least somewhat for my frivolous shopping habits! How great is it when you rediscover something AND it looks better than when you first got it?

allison d

Haha totally know that nothing to wear attitude, especially with the changing seasons. But the glasses are just so cool and the necklace is divine ;D Love it


classic nothing to wear problem, everyday thats the case for me and I go sifting through my clothes. I love it when you find something you had totally forgotten about and it becomes a gem again! Loving the outfit! You look amazing, and the zara skirt <3 <3




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