Ombré/Dip Dye Colour On Short Hair

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I am the long-suffering owner of baby-fine, wispy hair. It’s entirely uninspiring – poker straight but dries kinky, can’t hold a wave or curl and falls flat at the first sign of inclement weather. I’ve tried everything to get it to do something, anything, but other than having it all cut off into a pixie crop, nothing worked.

I’m also cursed with a fickle personality and boredom can and will strike at any moment. So after a few years with the pixie crop and a few months growing it out, I decided I needed a change. And in my infinite wisdom, I chose this photo as my inspiration.

Now, I’m not really Alexa’s biggest fan but you can’t deny it – the girl got good hair. It’s also thick, lustrous and styled by an army of pros. So easily achievable, then! As another of my traits is stubbornness I went resolutely to the hairdressers, print-out in hand, and asked for an Alexa (cut and colour).

alexa chung ombre dip dyed

And I love it! Paul and Emma at Rebel PinUp in Leeds were amazing – as I’m naturally blonde, I had a ‘reverse dip dye’ where a dark chocolate brown was applied to the roots and left to take. After half an hour, colourist Paul worked some bleach through the ends to mix with my natural (ish… I did have dye on before but it was very faded) colour to create the dip dye/ombre effect. Then stylist Emma gave me a centre parted choppy bob with sweepy fringe bits (technical term) on each side.

I’m so happy with the end result. I’ve never seen the ombré technique on short hair before but I love the mix of colours, and the rough cut ensures it’s not too blocky. It’s also great if, like me, you’re very pale but love the drama of dark hair. I can’t pull off an all-over dark colour because it washes me out, so the lighter ends lift the whole thing and stop that ‘risen from the dead’ look.

dip dyed hair ombre hair blonde how to

ombre hair short
Topshop Kristen jeans, American Apparel jumper and t-shirt, Gap blazer, Vivienne Westwood shoes and drawstring bag c/o Sarenza, H&M ring, F21 necklace, antique necklace c/o astrid & miyu

In honour of my shiny new hair, I dressed up my jeans-and-jumper outfit with my favourite shoes and some cute jewels. After taking these photos I realised it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m wearing pink and hearts which is terribly cliché, but never mind.

So what do you think of the hair – like it?



I know the point is meant to be the hair, but I love your outfit today! That jumper is great.


You look beautiful! I’m not an Alexa fan, but you look amazing with ombré hair 🙂 I also love your combination of pastel pink and grey.


You really suit it! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Loving the outfit too, I have such a penchant for dressed up jeans outfits. Very jealous of your shoes too xxx


Ooh, it really suits you! I never thought that the ombre style would work on short hair! Tres Alexa (and therefore tres amazing!)

Pip x


Love it! I have the polar opposite hair from you, which isn’t any easier than fine hair. At least you know what you’re getting with your hair. My hair is sooooo unpredictable, although the only thing I do predict is it wouldn’t behave with a dip dye. A real shame, as your hair looks fab.


Miss Beau Bangles

Great hair and outfit. I’m wearing a very similar cable knit jumper, which I absolutely love but have been wondering whether it’s acceptable to love it. I’m now going to wear it with pride – thanks 🙂


Your hair looks lovely! I am really loving the longer style on you Jen. I also wore my heart print cardigan today – but I love hearts all year round!


It looks lovely – really suits you! It’s given your hair real body and depth! 🙂 I’m going for a messy bob like Alex’s, but with a really short jagged fringe. I’m really looking forward to it. Going tomorrow to get it done. 🙂 My hair is block colour and very wavy so I’m thinking a messy bob will be perfect.

Belle du Brighton

I love it! I have been ombred (but I always say dip dyed because I not 100% sure on how to pronounce it!) ombr/ ombrrray? You’re lucky that you are naturally blonde, I am so dark that I needed so much bleach (and then when I re do it every so often It needs more!) & I need to be so good with putting conditioner and oil on it to keep it soft and looking okay!
I really love the look on short hair! Belle du Brightonxx

carro rc

Yeah, Such a beautiful look and so stylish too. I love the hair after dye. Such a nice outfit. Nice purse and footwear too. You just looks gorgeous confident lady.

Gem Fatale

Jen, I LOVE it!!! It suits you so much and I am bookmarking this as MY inspiration (sod Alexa) for when i grow my short locks out. Amazing.

jennifer june

I loveeeee the hair! It suits you so well! Sometimes when people get their hair done it can take a while for people to get used to you without your ‘before’ hair but you suit this so well I cannot see you with anything else! Fabuloussssss xxx


love your hair… and, i have just spotted your shoes! i have always wanted a pair of westwood’s shoes, and it makes me want a pair even more 🙂 love the hair though.


Having previously commented on here that I wasn’t such a fan of ombre hair, I am going to have to eat my words! This style looks amazing on you, and the colour is perfect for your skin tone. Deceptively simple and very elegant!

Plus I LOVE your shoes – regardless of the date, there is never anything wrong with pink shoes + gold hearts! x


LOVE the new hair, it suits you so well 🙂 Pink and grey is one of my favourite combinations, I find the way you “dress up” jeans inspiring.
R xx

Piper Alexander

This is awesome. I love the ombre look too but I wasn’t sure it would work on short hair, so THANK YOU for taking one for the team (team short hair, that is) and showing me it DOES work! Looks great, I just might have to try it…


I know all about that wispy fine hair. I too have been blessed with the dreaded unstylable hair. So, like you, decided cutting it off was the only way forward, and i LOVE it. I’m now rocking a centre-parted bob, and have to say it’s my favourite look at the moment. You wear it really well.

P.S. Perfect eyebrows! What products do you use?


Thanks Hannah!

I’m a bit of an eyebrow obsessive so glad you like them! I have them threaded VERY occasionally at Shavata just to maintain the shape but pluck them myself in between. Then I use Shavata’s brow pencil to fill them in – I draw them square at the start and give them more of an arch. I THEN use Benefit’s brow brush to soften the shape and brush them smooth.

Hope that helps! 🙂


Oh I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THIS! I am currently growing my hair out from pixie crop too, and have been after this look for ages but thought would have to wait until I had long locks before it could be achieved. But now I am definitely going to give this ago! Thanks.

Please check out my blog, I am new to it all and would appreciate some tips as your very popular!



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