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It’s been a little while since my last wedding update, so I thought I’d come back with a bang and share one of my favourite parts of the whole planning process – the invites.

We started thinking about the invites really early on. For me, creating a beautiful, personal and unique invite was one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning and I was determined that they wouldn’t be clichΓ©. It was bloody hard work getting them right, but I’m so glad we persevered…
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The wonderful Kris Atomic created this beautiful illustration of me, Rob and Travis for the front of the invites. We had this done pre-Lilian (our other kitty!) so she doesn’t feature here, but she’ll be making a special appearance in illustrated form on the day itself.

The reverse of the invites was designed by my awesome brother, Patrick. He used the colours and font from Kris’s work, mixing in handwritten text and cute little symbols for a friendly, cheerful look. I can’t show much of the back as it has all our location details on, but the two sides work so perfectly together.

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Patrick also designed smaller RSVP and ‘Where to Go’ cards to sit alongside the main invites. He created a little map of the journey from our ceremony venue to the reception, and I hand-wrote all the names on each RSVP slip. We included an A5 envelope for the slips to be returned.

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I arranged little bundles including each element of the invite and tied them up with some natural twine. Then everything went inside these parcel paper-style envelopes and each one was sent off to its recipient. Hooray!

It took a long time to get the invites right – I wanted them to feel really expensive and luxurious, but because the design is so colourful, a lot of print options were actually expensive. In the end we went for a duplex print on a flecked white card for the main invite – that’s where two pieces of card are printed separately then stuck together for a thicker finish. It added to the cost but made such a huge difference to the feel of the invites. The smaller pieces were just a normal digital print on the same card, and everything was done by Evolution Print in Sheffield who were fab.

I bought the envelopes from Ideal Envelopes who have a huge range and will send out a book of samples so you can match your colours – it was so helpful to see the shades in ‘real life’ rather than just on a screen. The natural twine was from Homebase and the pens (I used gold for the names and silver to address the envelopes) from Paperchase.

We’re so pleased with how they turned out. It was an important part of the planning and even though I’m glad they’ve all gone out and I don’t have to self-address another envelope EVER AGAIN, I still get a happy feeling when I spot the one lurking on our coffee table or stuck up over my desk. They look great framed, too!


Emma Kelly

I’m making my own too! I haven’t started yet but I already know ill get stressed! These are lovely!


I spent hours making mine wrapped in paper doily’s and ribbon – yours are so lovely and unique. I loved the invite planning bit πŸ™‚


this is super adorable! I have been thinking about invites ever since I got engaged lol…and we just sent out our save the dates. These are suppppperrrr adorable. I love that it is customized to both of you. We are def. planning on spending more on the invites then the STD cards.



These are so adorable and quirky! Even though our wedding is still over a year away, I’ve been looking at lots of invitation designs lately, although I wish I could design my own. It’s cool that you collaborated with other creative people on yours. It seems like a small thing to spend lots of time and money on, but then it’s one of the few things of the day itself that you will get to keep for ever ~ framing them is a lovely idea.

Georgie Lowen

This is such a lovely Wedding Invite! Cannot wait for the day that I can do something so beautiful and special for my wedding.




This is amazing, she’s captured you both perfectly! Such a cool collaborative effort, wish I had a wedding to plan now!

Vacation Namibia

Now that is a wonderful and lovely idea. I have not seen such a wedding card in my life seems to simple and just lovely lovely lovely!!!!

Did you guys do the art work?


These are just amazing. I really love the design, font & illustration! I bet you are so pleased with them!


wow great wedding invitation, simple yet unique.. far from the typical wedding invitation.. nice one so cute… thanks for the tips


Love your invites, so lovely to have them personal to you and beautiful bright colours, they look great!


Hi Jen,

New to the site and loving the content. I have been to a few non memorable weddings because the small touches and details weren’t there. You have set off in the right direction as from the little I know about you, these reflect you and your personality. From someone who loves creating new and unique things, thanks for sharing!


Matthew Pike

They look brilliant Jen, so sweet. Sounds like a proper group effect, well done. Would love to do something similar for ours coming up soon.


Very very lovely wedding invitation designs! I have been a part of creating simple handmade invitations for my friends and I was so delighted to have found more of these lovely inspirations. Please please allow me to pin them on my Pinterest board? thanks much!!
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