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Republic dress, H&M tights, Primark tee, Chockers boots, Primark jewellery

And the details…


This, dear friends, is not a post about the popular pop-rock group Owl City, but a homage to my owl-based jewellery today. I’ve had a mini obsession with owls for a while now. Aren’t they just so cute?!
Today’s outfit takes its inspiration from a 90s Courtney Love – girly lace teamed with tough boots for the ultimate grunge get-up. Although I look way too prissy to be a true grunge goddess!
The lovely Jenny from Closet 365 has rocked some real classic 90s looks over the last few days and I love her song lyric titles. The 90s has definitely been the best decade I’ve lived through for fashion and music – remember velvet culottes? Wide brimmed floppy hats? Oversized Sweater Shop sweaters? Yes, you do. You had all these things and more besides nestled in your wardrobe, admit it. And you definitely mastered the dance routine to Spice Girls’ Stop Right Now*. I’ve got you sussed! 😉
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*I was ALWAYS Baby Spice.


Vintage Vixen

You look soooo cute in that lace dress! I can see the Baby Spice connection, you pretty lady.
I was the Bikini Kill, Riot Grrrl, 90’s chick, smudged make-up and dodgy dress sense, not much change to now really!

E is for Eleanor


I love this, I was ginger spice every time!

I wanted to be Courtney Love and later, Brodie Dalle. And I am so happy that Vixen above mentions Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl! Definitely a massive influence on my style.

And yes, I’m still blue too, today was pretty rubbish and silly arguments with work people ruined my day. As you said, the sooner the weekend the better. x


I was always sporty or posh(I am neither actually sporty or posh, but I w3as the only one with brunette hair!)

Great lace and tough boots combo!

Anna Jane

I was so very nearly going to buy an owl tee today. I so wish I had! I have a little owl which hoots every night outside my window, it’s so cute 🙂 just thought I’d mention!

Oh and love love love the lacy dress, especially with the boots. You know I love your outfits <3

– Anna Jane xxx


I was always ginger, the mouthy one! 🙂
I had a pair of platform trainers, and almost broke my ankle on them. Good times.

Love the outfit, as always! Great accessories you owl lover, and love the boots with the dress.

X x

Roo Paprika

I was also always Ginger Spice due to having red hair at the time, which really annoyed me because I thought I was channelling Miki Berenyi… 🙂

Loving the owls. Wit twoooo! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


The song “Hello Seattle” by Owl City was just ending when I clicked on your post! What a coincidence! I love wearing dresses in winter, its kinda like shouting “Ha!” at the cold. I also really like your owl jewelry 🙂

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh Jen I was always Baby Spice too! I had a fight with my sister over it as a child – she ended up having to be Sporty Spice!!

I thought you were talking about the band Owl City (I love the song “Vanilla Twilight” by them) when I read your post title – but it was the ring! Love it! You look too cute for words my love!! 🙂


Aww, how cute that you were baby spice! I do miss the spice girls sometimes:P

You look adorable as usual in this outfit! Love how it’s a lil bit girlie and grungy at the same time! Oh and your owl obsession is deadly contagious:P


pip a la chic

Ooo the owls are cute. My partner and I want to have a 90’s party, it would be awesome! A few years ago four gf and I dressed up as the Spice Girls to a party, of course I was Scary cause I had the darker skin:)


Oh I adore the lace dress and the owls. Thank you for passing on the 90s love. In a dream blog world, we could all have a Spice Girls week. I get to be Posh!


It’s that dress again – fabulous! Which Spice girl are you reminds me of the similar Friends game when I was growing up. I was always Monica but wanted to be Rachael!


i have an owl necklace, too. although it’s set in silver, a bit bigger and covered with colored stones. love the owl ring!



The 90’s rule! Jen, you’ve just given me a great idea for an upcoming blog post, thanks lovely!

I love the owl necklace and that dress is divine. Great look!


Really like the lacey dress – think i have one thats never been worn in my wardrobe, always felt it was too weddingy, but rocked up with boots would be cool..hmmm


I love that dress, I need more lace type things in my wardrobe for Summer I think. Your owl ring is gorgeous too, and your makeup looks wonderful.


Ohh Im loving the owls 🙂 Ive seen quite a few owl tattoos on people recently, online and a guy on LA ink got one and it was amazing! Haha it actually really helps to feed your shopping addiction through your favourite blogs 🙂 just that feeling of ‘oooh, shiny new things!’ but not as heavy on the ol’ purse haha.

I hope your money saving tactics are going well so far! 🙂 The more you save the easier it gets. Sometimes I’ll wander around a shop with a top in my hand and after 10 minutes I’ll put it down and not want it anymore. I used to just rush buying, it was pretty bad!

Hope youre having a good week so far lady 🙂 x


The outfit is adorable, and you are far too clean to be Courtney Love (I say this as someone who spend vast tracts of the Nineties in grunge plaid and ripped jeans – no Spice Girls for me, too old and determinedly ‘rawk’ ^_¯ )

How on earth do you look so fresh all the time?! I need to know the secret!


OMG I had a Blossom floppy hat with the rose on. I loved it so so so so much. I thought I was the coolest person alive in it. Almost as cool as Blossom…ah I loved the 90s!

un petit lapin

Hahaha I totally know the STOP routine too. Owl motif jewellery is really cool. There’s something about it I really like.

PS I saw this dress in Republic the other day. I can’t wait to go back and buy it.


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