Pleats and Stripes

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Topshop skirt, H&M tee, vintage bag, Zara belt, Matalan heels, Mango ring

I feel like I’ve had an epiphany. Taking outfit photos inside is so.much.easier. There’s no one around to give me the ‘you’re-a-crazy-person’ eyes as I pose with my tripod. No wind to cause accidental flashing, rain to ruin my hair or sun to give me serious squint-eye. My heels don’t sink into gravel and I can check myself (before I wreck myself) in the mirror. A revelation.

In today’s bedroom photoshoot (which sounds entirely more adult than the reality) I’m wearing this pleated midi skirt from Topshop. I’d been struggling to style it successfully until I saw the beautiful Kristabel wearing the very same skirt yesterday. I love how she paired it with a simple tee and a leather belt, so I totally copied her. And that’s what I love about blogging – there’s inspiration everywhere.

Is there a piece in your wardrobe that you adore but find hard to wear?



omg i just blogged about accordian skirts last night! i want one so bad, the color of yours is beautiful. i wish we had a topshop in chicago, i loved that store when i was visiting in london.

and maybe i just have terrible lighting in my apartment but my pictures seem to come out better when they’re taken outside. unforunately it’s a little cold for that right now.



Ahhh thanks for the mention and glad you figured out a way to wear it. I think there’s around 5 of us with that skirt now? We totally need to flashmob somewhere!


I’ve been searching for a skirt like this forever! It’s such a beautiful color and it goes perfectly with your stripes, tres chic!

I’ve been making my boyfriend take my outfit shots to avoid the crazy stares one gets when using a tripod solo in the middle of Burlington. I’m hoping that by the time Vermont warms up I’ll be brave enough to try snapping photos outside on my own!

Thanks for another great post and outfit!
– Caitlin (@WoreOutVT)


Woo hoo another one with the skirt, I love it! Definitely agree with Kristabel that a flash mob would be serious good fun =) You’ve done a great job teaming it with a signature stripy shirt and I just adore that bag. When I firs got this skirt I didn’t really know how to wear it because it can look a bit granny if not dresses carefully, you’ve done a cracking job though

Bow Dream Nation xx


Jen, you look super skinny in these pics! Is this from all your gym fun? And I guess I don’t really mean SUPER skinny, cos you look really healthy too!

I really love the colour of this skirt… I’m starting to like pleats more and more.

fritha louise

I love the skirt! You’ve styled it really well. I’ve got a similar navy one that I can’t wait to wear, but it isn’t really warm enough to wear it yet in Vienna. It’s definitely still trousers weather! I can’t wait to play around and try and find different ways to wear it.

Please may I?

That skirt is every where at the moment, mind you I can understand why everyone has it.

It takes me back to my teenage years, pleats were very in then as were chinos! I never looked right in pleats but insisted on wearing them because they were in! Thankfully I’ve learnt to only wear what suits me and not follow the trend nowadays. Mindyou it took 30 years!

Looking lovely Hun.

X x


i have a navy pleated skirt which i love to wear with a stripey long sleeved teeshirt..
love the topshop skirt.. ive been coveting that on their website.. pass it over when your’e done with it!!!


I love pleated skirts, they swish so nicely. I am a fan of indoor photos – outdoors ones are always so much hassle and it’s COLD about 80% of the time haha.


So. What I want to know is how many hits you get from folk searching the phrase ‘bedroom photoshoot’. Aside from that, nice working of, what I would say is, a tricky skirt.


I’ve been contemplating a pleated skirt but wasn’t too sure. Seeing it you though, I’m totally convinced. xx


Hooraah the new bag makes it’s appearance! 😀
I’m so in love with this skirt – both you and kirstabel [and others!] wear it so well, i wish i could carry it off! x


Yes, I so love copying bloggers! That’s pretty much all I can do–maybe some day I’ll have an original outfit idea!


I really like this skirt, I’ve been a little unsure about the midi/pleat trend, like you haven;t been sure what to wear it with, but this looks great! love the colour of the skirt as well! 🙂


Ooo, the pleated skirt looks so lovely. Love how you wore it. I’m in the exact same dilemma: I have a red pleated skirt, but no idea how to wear it. I’ll try to wear it now.

Also: so in love with your bag.


That is a gorgeous skirt. I can completely emphasize with having things you adore but find a nightmare to actually wear. I have a rail in my wardrobe dedicated to those ‘challenge’ pieces. I find having them sat there staring at me every morning intimidates me enough to find something that works just so I can wear them and then they can go back on the normal rail.



I much prefer outside photos – I don’t have a suitable background or light levels inside the house, so my indoor photos always look terrible.

The skirt is gorgeous. I like pleats and midis teamed up with jumpers. Luckily it’s still cold enough to get away with that!


I do love getting inspiration from other bloggers when you’re stuck for ideas! I actually have a similar skirt and I’ve been wondering what to pair it with! Problem solved!


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