Preggo Updates – 19 weeks

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The halfway point is within reach – I’m 19 weeks pregnant (20 on Tuesday!) and things are great, if slightly stiff/achey/heartburn-y.

I’ve felt really good this week – I think Baby A had a bit of a growth spurt between 16-18 weeks as I felt about as exhausted as I did in the first trimester, but she’s settled down (for now) and I have tons of energy. My enthusiasm for tidying the house/sorting my wardrobe/going for long country walks is only dampened by a bout of hideous sciatica, which has left me a bit sofa-bound this weekend. I’m not very good at resting but it really is quite painful to walk about when I’ve been overdoing it, so I’m trying to take it easy and having twice-weekly chiropractor sessions which mostly involves massaging my right butt cheek. Lovely.

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We’ve got our 20 week scan on Wednesday, which I’m super excited and also quite nervous about. This is the scan to check that Baby A is developing as she should be, with checks to rule out any problems with her growth. A healthy 20 week scan is the last big hurdle in the first half of pregnancy (let’s not talk about the actual birth at this point) and I’m just hoping everything is ok so we can move onto the next bit. Fingers very, very firmly crossed.

This week Rob has sorted out our spare room ready for its nursery transformation. We’re thinking of painting some of kind (chic and stylish) mural on the walls – I’ve gathered some ideas together on Pinterest, so let me know if you see anything similar!

As well as the scan, next week I’m also going to see Queen Bey in Manchester… I’m a little concerned about standing up all night and may take a camping chair with me (I hear it’s what all the kids do these days), but I can’t wait to see the show. Baby’s first Beyoncรฉ – oh yeah!




You WIN at pregnancy Jen.
Good luck for the 20 week scan, I’m excited to follow the next half of your (super stylish) pregnancy
x x x


I just went to a very muddy Glastonbury at 20 weeks pregnant and a camping chair saved me from a burning lower back so would definitely recommend. Have a great time!


I am so happy for you Jen!! Congrats on the pregnancy! Good luck on the next 6 month! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Just wanted to say thank you SO much for the heads up on this… it’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for and has become my main inspiration for the room! Ordering that gorgeous wallpaper tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Sophie Cliff

I’m loving these pregnancy updates so much – you are the cutest preggo lady ever. Good luck for Wednesday, hope all goes well! x


Have a peek at mother_of_daughters & father_of_daughters over on Instagram… Not only is Clemmie a midwife & super stylish, her husband is pretty cool too. A while back he did an ace mural for his daughters room while they were on hols so take a scroll back & see what you think.
19 weeks here for me too & sort of wishing I were bigger as when lugging around suitcases or generally rubbing my achy back, the general public must think am just being a bit pathetic/over-dramatic!
Hels x


Such a pretty, preggy soon-to-be mom! Would definitely want to be as stylish as you when I become preggy haha. Good luck on your pregnancy!



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