Preggo Updates – 22 Weeks

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22 weeks in and pregnancy is now flying by. Compared to weeks 12-20 where nothing much seemed to happen, it’s all been going on these last few days.

ASOS maternity dress

Dress, ASOS | Sandals, old (similar) | Sunglasses, Céline

I now have a proper, protruding bump and a pretty wriggly baby to go with it. I’m starting to notice a vague pattern of movement – Baby A shakes her thing mostly after food (just like her mum, lol) so her most active times are mid-morning, mid-afternoon and about 9pm. Early this week her kicks were really strong but either she’s shuffled away from the ‘edge’ of my belly or she’s tired from her current growth spurt, because they’ve calmed down a little bit now.

The whole pattern of movement thing freaks me out slightly so I’m trying not to over-analyse it, because it’s still pretty early days for a properly defined pattern and all sorts of things can change a baby’s movement – from shuffling further back to just having a quiet day. I think as long as I still feel her regularly I can trust my instincts that it’s all happy days in there.

In other news, my bump is growing every day and dressing it is both a joy and a pain in my ass. I love having a visible bump and I much prefer to show it off in fitted clothing, but the temperature this week has me reaching for loose, flowy pieces in light cotton. If summer continues in this manner I’ll have to save my body con dresses for my last month, when we’re all basking in November’s wintry climate.

summer maternity clothing

Dress, & Other Stories (similar) | Trainers, Converse | Sunglasses, Céline

Week 22 has been kind to me. I’m full of energy, my back pain is all but gone and I can see and feel Baby A getting bigger every day. Sure, my skin still sucks, my hair hasn’t been transformed into bouncy natural waves as promised and November is still ages away when you really want to eat some goat’s cheese, but overall I think we’re doing pretty good. Only six weeks till the third trimester – told you it was going fast!


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So happy for you! Don’t think too much about patterns! A lot of movement depends on what you eat, so keep cool. Love the black dress!


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