Preggo Updates – 37 Weeks

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Here we are again – another week has flown by. Baby A is now considered ‘full term’ which means she’s fully cooked and could arrive safely at any time – waaahhh! So, let’s dive right in to this week’s updates.

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As the countdown draws ever closer to Baby Day, I’m finding pregnancy more and more of a struggle. I’ve been so fortunate to have such a straightforward time and for the majority of these 8.5 months, I’ve really loved being pregnant. But my god, this last bit SUCKS. I can’t sleep, everything aches, I can only waddle short distances… I can’t even put my own shoes on, for goodness sake.

I’m staying positive but every now and then, I allow myself a little pity party. I’m beyond excited to meet my baby girl and I’m so happy she’s thriving away in there, but I can’t wait to feel normal again. I can’t wait to wear regular jeans and my favourite winter knits. Can’t wait to walk up a moderate hill without stopping for breath. Can’t wait to eat some delicious goats cheese, tbh. It sounds selfish and so shallow, but pregnancy is a long old slog even when things are going well. I genuinely think I’m looking forward to labour!

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After feeling a bit weird last night and this morning, I popped up to Maternity Assessment at my hospital to be monitored for a while. Turns out all is well and I just have a UTI – fun! Baby A is absolutely loving life and was described as ‘perfect’ and ‘very happy’, which made me glow with pride (and she’s not even born yet). As always, the midwives were amazing – so reassuring and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and I didn’t feel at all silly being hooked up to a monitor for a spot of cystitis.

I was prompted to go and get checked out after seeing this Insta post by @mother_of_daughters earlier in the week. It’s so, so important to trust your instincts when it comes to reduced movements – if something feels wrong, go get it checked. It’s probably nothing at all but it’s vital to know for sure, and midwives will monitor you until you feel reassured that all is well. I’ve found movement monitoring one of the more stressful parts of pregnancy, but Tommy’s was a great resource to me early on and their new #MovementsMatter campaign is brilliant at explaining exactly how you can understand your baby’s movement pattern. The website has loads of great tips too, and it’s really worth reading through to debunk the myths surrounding fetal movement.

After a week full of emotional ups and downs, hearing Baby A’s heartbeat just thumping away was such a boost and has me feeling much more positive. I know she’ll come when she’s ready, and I’ve just got to keep up my end of the bargain for a little bit longer. Just not too much longer, ok baby girl? <3

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