Preggo Updates – 38 Weeks

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Well, that’s a turn-up for the books!

38 weeks pregnant looks markedly different from 37 weeks, mainly because it includes a baby. An actual baby!

Hazel Rey Allison was born at 9.39am on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Leeds General Infirmary. I’ll post the full birth story in due course – it wasn’t quite what I’d planned but all is well and Hazel is an absolute angel.

We’re still in hospital at the moment, just getting to grips with breastfeeding (me and her) and generally learning the ropes. The midwives are outstanding and although we’re all excited to go home, it’s quite nice to be taken care of for a bit rather than thrown back out into the world with a tiny human to care for.


Needless to say, Baby A (haven’t quite shaken the habit of calling her that!) is an absolute dream. Again, further updates to come but so far she’s super chilled and laid back like her dad with blonde hair and an independent spirit like her mum. Mega love.

Hopefully we’ll be home soon and I’ll try keep the regular updates coming. Thank you all so much for your kind words on Twitter and Instagram – we are so happy it’s quite disgusting.

<3 x



Many congratulations and many thanks for bringing this bundle of love and gorgeousness into all our lives.

Lucy Monk

Welcome to mamadom! It’s the best work you’ll ever have and thank you for allowing us to follow your adventures xx


So cute! One minute you were blogging about last-minute maternity style and the next she was here! Congratulations, can’t wait to hear more!


Huge congrats. Hope the labour was ok.
Stay there as long as poss. Get as much rest and help as you can.


Argh Jen, huge congratulations to you and Rob and welcome to the world your beautiful daughter. Enjoy the care and good luck with the next chapter. You were only due 5 days before me so safe to say am rooting for you!
Hels xx


Congrats Jen! So happy for you and glad she came safely and you are all doing well! Cant wait to hear the full birth story, was so surprised when I saw your pics on instagram saying she had arrived! No laid back start to mat leave for you! lol. sending you all well wishes. xxx Vicki


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