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Bedding, TK Maxx

In the past few months, I find myself intrinsically drawn to Orla Kiely prints. In particular, her classic Leaf design always catches my eye, and I seem to be able to spot those colourful shapes from 50 paces.

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Scarf, Orla Kiely x Uniqlo

It started with this scarf. After seeing the Orla Kiely presentation at London Fashion Week SS13, I found myself idly browsing the collection online (credit card in hand, ready to shop at the first sign of a Peter Pan collar) and stumbled across her diffusion line for Uniqlo. Ridiculously well-priced and featuring many of her most famous prints, I snapped up a dress, a couple of t-shirts and this scarf.

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The boxes the bedding came in are amazing for storage

Then came the long, frantic search for the Leaf print bedding. I’d spotted the pillowcases in TK Maxx just after Christmas and snapped them up, but was left duvet-less, only ever coming across single sizes on my (many, many) visits to stores across Yorkshire. When I finally found one, nestled under a floral comforter, life felt quite complete. My obsession begins to grow.

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Orla Kiely glasses, Boots Opticians

My most recent OK purchases have been of the optical persuasion. I fell head over heels for the Orla Kiely for Boots Opticians range, and bought these frames as well as another, more subtle pair. And now I’m waiting for my prescription sunglasses to come in. Me? Addicted? Never…

Are you a fan of Orla Kiely? Any other print you just can’t get enough of?



Oh yes I do love a bit of O K. My lovely sister got me one of the scarves and a long sleeved t shirt from the collection at Uniqlo, I love Uniqlo anyway so was super happy about the collaboration.

I sometimes go window shopping on the website and drool over the handbags, clothes and homeware.
I love that bedding, need to keep my eyes peeled for some in TK Maxx.
BB xx

Louise Young

I have an Orla Kiely print/art book in my possession I know you’d love to get your mitts on! And yes I do like Orla’s work! But right now I am going through my Cath Kidston obsession 🙂 xo


I love the print on the bedding as its really retro looking. I’m not sure I’d buy it though as I don’t like red, decor wise. The other colours are lovely though. The other Leeds Jen Little Birdie has a blog full of gorgeous interiors that remind me of this print. Very Scandi & retro. I also love the name Orla. It’s fab!
@SazDC x


I adore Orla Kiely prints. I’ve recently accidentally sat on my glasses so a pair of those would make my day (mostly because then I could actually see it haha). In love with your typewriter too! xo


I had & long ago finished the perfume & body moisturiser. I’d definitely get it again. I stumbled upon candles & other home bits in a shop in Reading over Christmas. If it hadnt been Christmas I might have treated myself to a candle!


Yes, her clothing range is pricy… top tip though – look in TK Maxx. I’ve seen a couple of OK dresses in the Gold Label section for much cheaper.


Print love! That bedding is gorgeous. 🙂
Also, I know you may have said in a previous post, but where are those lights from around the bed frame? Love them!

Natalia A

Her printes are incredibly charming! The only thing I own is a silk signature leaf print scarf, but it’s so versatile I don’t feel I need anything else. 🙂 Or should I say, don’t need anything else at the moment… 😉 Because you just never know…
Happy Easter!

Michelle Sharp

Hi Jen, I’m very close to buying similar bedding but it says not to tumble dry, have you tried tumble drying yours? (and does this qualify as weirdest blog post comment ever?)

I’m mid century modern-ing my house and the multi stem print is perfect but I tumble dry EVERYTHING 🙂


Sadly I don’t have a tumble dryer so can’t comment! Although it looks and feels like any other standard cotton bedding, so not sure why you wouldn’t be able to… maybe something to do with the print and colours bleeding? Sorry I can’t help more!


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