Project Take 10 Challenge 1

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A few weeks ago, Project Take 10 was revealed – we’re a group of 10 fashion bloggers with individual styles, working the same piece in ten totally different ways. And here’s our first challenge!

Our first sponsor is Dorothy Perkins, who very kindly set us up for our challenge with this fab lace waistcoat. Now, this isn’t something you’d normally find in my wardrobe, so styling it was a challenge indeed! Here’s how I did it…



Dorothy Perkins lace waistcoat, Mango jeans, H&M blouse, Zara Taylor timepiece necklace, Oasis buckle wedges

I kept the rest of the outfit simple so the waistcoat was the focus. I like the pairing of lace and sheer fabrics – it softens the dark denim and fierce buckled shoes! Take a look at how the other girls got on…


MJ from Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres
Sherin from HiFashion
Leia from Leia’s Delights
Vicki from Magpie Girl
Adele from Molto Curiosa
Saskia from Not Just Medical
Shini from Park and Cube
Sabine from Psynopsis
Sarah from We Shop Therefore We Are

Don’t they all look fab? I love all the different takes and how we’ve interpreted the style of the waistcoat – some going for a smart, dressed-up look and others keeping it cool and casual.

What do you think, lovely followers? Would you dress up or dress down for this challenge? And are you looking forward to the next? I am! Come follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to get all the latest news from the Take 10 Girls.

Big thanks to the lovely folks at Dorothy Perkins – what a great first sponsor!


S to the R

ah the irony! i nearly bought that shirt the t’other day but it was VERY sheer! Plus I saw that waistcoat and thought it was lovely but probably quite impulsive item to buy. Not going to keep me warm is it?


Gosh Jen no stripes lol!!! Love how you styled the waist coat, looks really fab against the shirt and would be a really cool outfit for work! I don’t ever wear waistcoats but this style is definitely something I could try, esp since it gives the shirt a bit more detail x

Vintage Vixen

Dear Jen, I was curious as to what the first item was going to be as you mentioned it being out of your comfort zone. It’s pretty but a bit rock chick, dressed-up for your usual tastes. You’ve done a great job of making it yours with your effortlessly casual but chic accessorising. xxx


I’m so excited by this feature it’s ace! I love what you’ve done with it, my favourite by far. The others are great too but you just clinch it.

The thing is, it’s not at all how a waistcoat normally looks and you’ve totally put another spin on it. Excellent. 🙂


You did great, this looks really smart on you.
I really like the versatility of a waistcoat, it’s interesting how some of the girls have it fastened up while others have gone for it unfastened.

Wonderful project, I may well have to go and have a nosey at some of the others blogs :)xx


great first item that could be worn so many ways! I’ll be looking out for a version of my own this autumn or perhaps Ill do a DIY..!

Hope your first day went well 🙂


I really, really like this, although like you I’d never have thought of buying it usually. Just had a look on the DP website and VERY tempted by the cream version… Love those shoes by the way!



Great outfit – I love how you’ve made the waistcoat fit with your personal style. It’s amazing how different the same piece of clothing looks on everyone! x


Really love that you paired it with military khaki, I just couldn’t imagine lace with khaki!!
I want the blouse btw, perfect dose of sheer there… was it recent H&M? 😀 Bring on the next challenge!


Love this Jen!! you really worked it 🙂 LOVE it with the sheer blouse in fact im going all stalker like and gonna hunt down this shirt for myself! 🙂


I love how each of you made this waistcoat your very own with your own twist on it!

You look great with how you chose to wear it!


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