Project Take 10 Challenge 20 – Crown and Glory

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Now the London Fashion Week furore is over, regularly programming has resumed at Little Bird and I’m back with a brand new Take 10 challenge! Hoorah.

For challenge 20, the Take 10 girls and I worked with hair accessories company Crown and Glory. Regular readers will know I have a hate/hate relationship with my hair and in the near-three-year history of this blog I don’t think I’ve ever accessorised my hair. It’s just not my bag. But Take 10 is a styling challenge, and I’m not one to wimp out. So I went to lovely Crown and Glory owner Sophie and asked for her help and between us, we came up with this…

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Uniqlo jeans, Zara tee, Gap blazer, flats c/o Sarenza, Zatchels satchel, charity shop ring, Crown and Glory bow

Get a load of that bow! It’s supposed to sit atop your head but due to my aversion to hair accessories, Sophie put a clip on the back instead and I wore it as an adorable brooch. The bow comes in a range of shades, my favourites being the pastels which are SO HOT for SS12.

Here’s how the rest of the gang got on…
fashion blog styling challenge
Ellie, Harriet, Paula, me, Susie, Vicki, Lucy, Sarah, Sherin, MJ

Do you spot our newest member? We said a sad goodbye to the lovely Sabine but welcomed along Lucy who also made this fab collage! Thanks Lucy.

What do you think of challenge 20 – did we do good?



Gotta love a big sparkly bow, I love hair accessories but I must say it’s a lot harder to use them on shorter hair. On a side note, what happened to you guys all styling the same item, wasn’t that the point of take10…?


Hey Hannah!

Yep, it’s definitely harder to add things to short hair! How I long for flowing locks… sigh.

The idea of Take 10 is to showcase different ways to style a product, whether that’s one thing in a range of styles (like hair accessories – all the same basic thing but executed slightly differently!) or just one identical product. We tend to do a mix of both depending on what the brand prefer/what works better. I think our next challenge will be one that uses just a single item though! 🙂


I love that bow!! fab colour and sequins, always a winner.
I always enjoy the Take 10 project, and how differently you all style what you are given.


What a good idea! I’m not one for doing much with my hair either, I’m just too lazy, but this is quite a neat way to get some use out of hair-clips. I’ve attached those big flower grips everyone wore for a bit onto clutch bags before, but never thought about brooches.
The bow is cute. I can see it looking amazing on the front of a collared shirt too, like a massive bow-tie.


Yes! I really want to try this too – I have the bow in a few different colours so hoping to give this idea a go. Look out for it! 🙂


Aaah thanks Jen! 😀 Love the bow, I have the dark version but I’m bloomin gloving Sophies pastels atm!

lovely to see you at fashweek too xxx


Noooo… I didn’t cheat, did I? Take 10 is all about styling things to suit your own taste… well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

Gemma Satire

Lovely bow! Grey blazer and pale pink pants?! You may be onto something here, the colours look so complimentary together! And I know what you mean about an aversion to hair accessories. All girls with long hair can get away with having hair accessories or whatever. I’ve had short hair for the past 4 years and if I even think to put a bow in my hair I either look ridiculous or infantile. I prefer my hair to be just minimal, sometimes hair accessories look like you may be trying to compensate or something if done over the top. But still they look cute and nice on loads of people! (Which is unfair!)

Gemma x


I love this! My hair is really short too, and I’m always lusting after cute hair ribbons wishing I could pull them off. This is such a great idea though, you look great!


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