Project Take 10 Challenge 21 – H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams

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By the time you read this I’ll be landing at Chicago O’Hare Airport – aaaah scheduling, how I adore you!

We’ve reached challenge 21 of Project Take 10 and this time we teamed up with H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams. We had a choice of two very different items – a 90s-style sheer polka dot maxi skirt or a vintage-look yellow kite print dress. For some bizarre reason I decided to push my fashion boundaries and opted for the skirt. Hhmmm.

I don’t dislike the skirt – it’d look great on an art school whippet, styled with a grunge edge and chunky boots. Sadly, I just can’t pull it off. Which is why you only get a teeny tiny photo of my outfit, alongside my gorgeous Take 10 counterparts…

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Lucy, Paula, Vicki, Harriet, Sarah, Olivia, Sherin, Ellie, me, Fritha

What do you think? Would you choose the dress or the skirt? And how would you style them?



I would choose the dress. I like the primary colours in photo 1. By far my favourite look of the lot.

I like what you did with the skirt. Some of the other stylings are WAY too dark. The plimsolls look good with that splash of white. Badly needed.

Avenue 57

I’d choose the dress, the skirt is too hard to wear unless you are (as you say)an “art school whippet”

If you whipped the sheer long hem from it it would look great with your denim as you have styled

Do you pick the same people for your project 10 or can anyone request to join in?


It’s definitely an interesting skirt, I think I would find it hard to style.

Have a great time in Chicago, I’m sooooooo jealous! Take lots of photos to brag to us all when you get back!

Nat x


I have to say I love the way way you styled the skirt – you look so cool, in an awesome 90s sort of a way (I love the 90s!)

Gemma Satire

I prefer the skirt as well! And I like how you have dressed it down in your outfit! That is what puts me off buying maxi skirts sometimes…the ability of whether you can dress them down or not. But you are changing my mind with the converse combo! And have a lovely time away in the USA you lucky thing!

Gemma x


I think you’ve done a great job! Maxi skirts are just a step too far out of my comfort zone, so I think I’d have opted for the yellow dress.

Enjoy America! x


I think it looks good on you, even in the little picture!
Hope you’re having an amazing time on your USA trip, I’m so jealous sitting here in rainy old London. x


I think you’ve styled it up well! It’s a hard item to wear, I love the polka dots though.
The dress is very pretty, but against my colouring would look ghastly.


I love how you have styled this, just the right amount of grunge! I am obsessed with yellow at the moment so I would have chosen the dress but they’re both lovely!

Maria xxx


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