Project Take 10 Challenge 5 – Wildfox

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I love being part of Project Take 10. Not only do I get to work with the most amazing (and ever-changing) group of girls, but I also get to try brands and styles I wouldn’t experience otherwise.

For Challenge 5 we worked with Wildfox. Their graphic-print tees have been a huge hit with fashionable folk, but that ‘edgy’ thing has never really worked for me. That combined with the price tag means I’ve simply admired Wildfox from afar – until now.


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Wearing: Wildfox Oversize V Neck, leather skirt via eBay, Topshop tights, Primark velvet pumps
On: Saturday 11th December
For: Watching Legally Blonde, drinking margaritas and dancing on tables in London (this is a sneak preview shot I took before we travelled down there – I didn’t endure a 2.5 hour train ride in a leather pencil skirt!)

After wearing this gorgeous Love Potion Number 9 tee a good few times, I can honestly say I think it’s worth the rather hefty £65 price tag. I wouldn’t usually entertain spending that amount, but the quality is fantastic and the design is a just little bit iconic. I’d much rather spend the pennies and wear the original than buy one of the many knock offs that can be found cheaply on the high street, too.

I chose to go sleek and chic by teaming my tee with my leather pencil skirt, black tights and a flash of orange-red lipstick. Take a look at how the other girls styled it – some dressed up with black and tailoring while others went casual and paired the tee with denim and knits. All fantastic looks, I’m sure you’ll agree!

L-R: Sabine, me, Paula, Jazmine, Ellie, MJ, Adele, Sarah, Vicki and Sherin



Love the rocky look with the skirt.
And the lippie adds a flash of colour.

Wildfox is well out of my price range though, shame as they have some great stuff.


I love how you’ve made this fit with your personal style. I’d never usually wear a slogan tshirt but actually really like Wildfox’s. Although I think I’d only buy one if it were in the January sales or if Santa is very generous with my Christmas money this year! x


Great look! Would you mind sharing your eBay seller?
I’m struggling to find a leather skirt that is the right side of bondage! xo


Skirt, big yes. T-shirt, no. But I hate T-shirts anyway. It looks OK on Adele but only because she’s disrupted the neckline.

E is for Eleanor

Ahh Jen, that skirt is fantastic. I keep seeing editiorials recently with the top ten leather pencil skirts on the high street so you certainly grabbed a bargain.

I love the quality of the tee too, so soft!


Girl, you are looking gawguuuus! Love this look. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the super inspiration outfit inspiration this year x


Yay! Love this outfit. You look fab.

I own an embarrassing number of Wildfox tees, but I’ve never regretted a single one of them. They just feel like home. And I completely agree the way to wear them is with a leather skirt 🙂 xxx


I like the way you’ve paired it with that skirt, and it’s good to know the quality lives up to the pricetag, as I have to say as a non t-shirt person it’s not something I’d usually be prepared to spend so much on.

Half Dressed

Love all the different ways you guys styled it the top 🙂 And I honestly don’t know how you coped with such a long train journey in a leather skirt!!

L x


I couldn’t imagine this tee on you normally but you’ve really worked it well into your wardrobe and it looks great on you. The more Take 10 posts I read the more I want this tee but £65 mmmmmm maybe it’ll be in the sale one day =)

Hannah xx


It really is my favourite take10 thing so far! Also, don’t think I’ve said yet: love love lovvvveeee your hair!


£65?? Jesus, I must be a cheapskate but I would not pay that much for a tshirt!

It looks fab though – I really like the neckline. Too many tshirts are round neck and they’re just not that flattering on most people.


i absolutely adore the leather skirt with the tee, so perfect! you look so chic!

how did you find legally blonde, by the way? i hope you had a wonderful time.

merry christmas! xx


yaay the wildfox t! seen almost every interpretation noa and its so interesting to see how different people work it!
kicking myself that i didnt agree to get involved when it started up! grr hehe
hope you had a lovely xms in your xmas dress hehe xxx


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