Red, white and blue

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H&M jeans, Zara tee, Primark tee, New Look blazer, Primark shoes, Helpless Romantic brooch

And the details…



I am in love. I’ve fallen, become infatuated, obsessed and dependent. I’ve never loved anything the way I love… these shoes!

Can you believe they were only £13? I’m so tempted to pop back to Primark for them in yellow, navy, black AND white!! I’d have a pair for practically every outfit.

I really wanted some red lipstick to finish off this outfit, but didn’t know what shade to choose for my blonde hair and pale skin. Any of you beauty boffins have a recommendation?

Do you have an item in your wardrobe you just can’t get enough of?



That brooch is sooooo cute! Loving the shoes as well- I’m definitely going to have to pop into Primark’s shoe department after your last couple of posts. xx


Ummm… That brooch and those shoes. My word! Love them!

I tried out Chanel Audice (Audace?) at the weekend – my friend had it and she has similar colouring to yours. It feels like wearing money on your lips – it’s amazing! And I was fascinated by the actual lipstick tube for a good ten minutes. It’s a bit of cash splash, but it’s so gorgeous! x

Pink Flower

I have always loved red shoes, ever since I was dressed in them as a little girl. They are just so bright and happy.

I so miss living near a Primark!


I love your red shoes too Jen! I love the colors of your outfit too… such fun primary colors.

What item in my wardrobe I cannot get enough of? Right now, it’s my boots!!! Because I know I won’t be able to use them again when I go back to the Tropics.


Super cute, definitely love the shoes! I don’t know anything about red lipstick though, I barely know how to wear any color lipstick at all!


You can’t beat red shoes! I used to wear a pair of red flats from Primark to work when I was front of house, the amount of comments I got from all the staff, from reception to the guys in sales… it was hilarious, like they’d never seen red shoes before!

You look gorgeous lovely, such a classic outfit!

E is for Eleanor

Ahh i love Helpless Romantic! My friends friend does some of the modelling for them!

This is a great outfit, you really are the best layerer out there! the shoes are so cute too!


I need some red pumps – I killed my last pair in a nasty playing football with a four year old situation. Those are fab!!!!

You do suit that nautical look very well.



Vix – my feet were soooooooo cold all day long! I had the heater under my desk trained on them the entire time! Worth it though 🙂 x


I’m a sucker for shoes with bows on them too, I have quite a fair bit:P I really love your brooch, even the name sounds glorious to me!

For lipsticks, I think MAC has a great collection of matte red collection. Maybe you could get one best suited to your complexion there!

Right now I can’t get enough of leopards and my leather jacket:P



I LOVE those shoes! This is such a gorgeous outfit 🙂 I wish I could help you with the red lipstick, but I never wear red myself so I don’t know of any! Although, Russian Red by MAC is a classic red that I bed anyone could wear; I know that much!


Hi Jen!
The outfit is so cute, love the splash of red to brighten up a grey day! As someone else said too you really are the queen of layering!
I could not live without my big black and gold leopard print scarf – warmth and glamour!


Since I’ve been little I’ve always called red shoes ‘Dorothy Shoes’! And they are some beautiful Dorothy Shoes! Lovely outfit yet again, very nautical


I love that pin.

I’ve been known to buy shoes in multiple colors if they are cheap and cute. I say go for it!


Love those shoes, I was on the hunt for a cute pair in Primark yesterday but Bristol was in the process of putting out spring stock and there wasn’t much available other than the sale scrag ends 🙁

An English Rose

Mac Mac Mac, when they first launched it was because they had this amazing red lipstick, and they still sell it in the same shade today. It suits pretty much any colouring 🙂
Love this look…
Really loving the nautical stripes. I got a top/dress in Primark a few weeks ago with stripes like your top and some little sailor buttons on the shoulders… pwitty 🙂

An English Rose

Oh just saw daisychains comment, I agree, Russian is also lush. It was apparently Madonnas lipstick of choice in the 80s and it’s the same today as it was then… yum

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh Jen, there is no question about it – this is the most fabulous ensemble you have ever worn! It makes me think of Paris! Oh, you are too incredibly adorable! And your shoes…I need!! Red lipstick would be the perfect finishing touch – I’m sorry, I have no experience in that department!! :/


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