Simplicity is key

Posted in Daily Outfits.

Primark dress, H&M tights, vintage scarf, Primark brogues, Primark belt, thrifted ring

Dress – check. Tights – check. Belt – check. Scarf – check. Fabulous shoes – check. What more does a girl need to look great?

I love this jumper dress. It’s so versatile and seems to go with every pair of tights, every belt, every set of shoes. It’s really comfortable (a major factor when choosing my outfits) and I just love it. Definitely a best buy of the season.

I’ve currently got a house full of boys playing shouty computer games and drinking beer, so I’ve retired to the relative calm of my bedroom with a bowl of pasta and Look magazine. Hope you’ve all had fab Tuesdays. 🙂



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