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Worst feeling in the world? Finding the most beautiful, beautiful dress – it’s your colour. It’s cheap (ish). There are no queues for the fitting rooms. You don’t usually try stuff on (size 12, let’s go) but you will, just to marvel at its beauty. The fitting rooms are too small, too hot. There are no hooks for your clothes. The curtain doesn’t pull all the way across. But it doesn’t matter, because once you get this dress on, it’ll look amazing. On it goes. Into the mirror you look. Oh…

Sometimes I rip the unflattering wretch off me, pull on my jeans – a minute ago dowdy shrouds of everyday life, now faithful friends – and storm off. Other times I get upset and wonder why I never went back to Street Dance (too tired, glasses got in way) or Pilates (totally unflexible, leggings I bought especially looked hideous). One thing I always do is buy other, reliable items to cheer myself up. Think chunky knits, necklaces and bracelets. I have skinny wrists.

I’ve never been overweight – I’ve hovered around the 10/12 mark for years and years. My problem is tone. By my own admission, I am lazy. I work hard and don’t want to spend my evenings in the gym when I could be watching America’s Next Top Model with a Muller Fruit Corner. I despise organised sports (and unorganised ones), swimming is difficult when you’re worryingly short sighted and allergic to contact lenses and walking to work is impossible when work is 35 miles down the M1. So how does a lazy girl like me stay in shape just enough to look great in a sequin body con dress with structured shoulders?

I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never be skinny enough to pull off leggings with a crop top (would I really want to?) or anything that requires you to go sans bra. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I tend to know what suits me (fitted on the bottom, loose around the stomach, low cut) and 99% of the time, I’m okay with that. It’s just, that dress…


PS – I also have size 8 feet. For the lovely ladies who commented on my brogues thinking their own feet were way too big – have you seen the size of my hooves?! Go for it!!



haha that was me! 🙂

i’m the same – will never be super skinny but i really need to bloody start exercising! i’m so so lazy :S



I know exactly how you feel – I have suffered with major problems with my self confidence, mainly due to my weight and shape, and I don’t think I will ever be happy with it, but at least I now seem to realise what trends will just not work, and don’t even bother trying them.


I really envy your figure,
I think we all have moments when we hate what we look like
but whats important is that you are content, and you know what suits you 🙂


aw, i think you have a great figure! but i know what you mean about putting something on that was gorgeous on the hanger, and then getting all depressed when you see it on… worst feeling ever! but it seems like you have lots of great things that flatter your figure- i love the outfit pictured here! ~joelle


Victoria suggested we check out your blog, and I’m glad she did, you are a wonderful writer! I must say the situation you described is one that has kept me from shopping more, but one day I’ll start a clothing line where everything magically fits everyone! xo em

Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen, j’adore your vest! The detailing is so heavenly!

What you’ve written about dressing rooms is so accurate! I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve begun to simply buy things, take them home to try on where my mirrors are normal, and then return what I don’t like. It’s a hassle, but I cannot tolerate shop dressing rooms! They’re horrible!


I am so the same i have real issues with my weight and it knocks my confidence so much it stops me going out or wanting people to see me 🙁 I don’t think i would ever be truely happy with my weight even if i was a skinny minny but at the moment it does get me down… So in the New Year i am going to do more exercise and maybe join the gym to get more toned… My tummy is the area of most concern i hate it so tend to keep away from tight clothes x


Hi, came across your blog earlier via Florries blog and i know this a 4 month old post but its really nice to read that someone else has the same problems with clothes fitting as me. Like you i am probably a UK 11, a 10 is a bit tight and a 12 is slightly too big. I have many times found amazing things in shops gone to try them on and left feeling flat and dissapointed. I found that Topshop particually has odd sizes, some size 10 jumpers are oversized and look huge and some size 12 dresses seem to be for dolls 🙂


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