Socks (Or Tights) With Sandals

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I’ve never really understood the problem with socks and sandals. Okay, brilliant white sports socks with brown leather granddad sandals, maybe. But peeptoes and cute printed socks, or harmless 60 deniers in classic black? What’s the fuss?

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Dress c/o Matalan, Michael Kors jacket via TK Maxx, suede heels c/o Bertie, Emma Fox bag via TK Maxx, Miss Selfridge ring, Topshop hat

See, I think these rusty orange T-Bars, sent to me by the ladies at Bertie, look super sweet against black opaques. We all know it’s not warm enough for bare toes, so wearing open toed shoes with socks or tights is a great way to make them seasonally-appropriate. Plus I haven’t painted my toenails in weeks, so y’know…

What do you think – are you cool with socks (or tights) and sandals or would you rather go naked (feet-wise)?


Crafty Nell

Love this look Jen! That dress is gorgeous and I adore those suede t-bars. The rust against the black makes a much nicer contrast than my pasty feet would!

Penny x


I think black tights and sandals like how you are wearing is fine! I’ve done it before and I see nothing wrong with it! I like your dress!

Peacock's Hat

I will definitely do tights with sandals but have never attempted socks- I would love to but I am not long of limb and think they would basically make me look really dumpy. And even younger than I already look!


Yesterday I also wore open toed shoes with tights. I thought it looked alright but for some reason I can’t do sandals with socks.


I like wearing socks or tights with open toe’d shoes but if its summer ill go bare. Your outfit is gorgeous and i’m seriously loving that hat xx

Cheap Kicks

I don’t have a problem with this look, actually I love it. The only time I don’t is when it’s nude tights because your not supposed to see them but you can!!! although I hear you can get toe-less tights now-a-days! xxx

simple sophie

This is outfit is great Jen. I totally agree with the peep toes and tights, it’s a look you have to accomplish for those chillier days! I would definitley wear this entire outfit if we just swapped haha (wishful thinking)!~ ox


Ah I’m pretty fine with tights and peep toes, feel like socks and open type shoes is somehow harder to pull off tho, dunno why! 🙂

Is This Real Life?

Your looking fierce lady! You really suit the orange colouring! I LOVE wearing socks and tights with my open toed shoes and sandles I think its so sweet looking! X

pip a la chic

Outfit looks great! I’ve worn tights with open toed shoes. Where I work at, in the shoe department we’ve been styling a lot of the mannequins with bright coloured tights and open toed wedges.

Ginger Pickle

I think the t bar shoes look really good with tights, it has that 60’s feel! I have seen a few items from Matalan that are really impressive I must go along for a little look! Or maybe I shouldn’t as i’m trying to save the pennies!

Ginger Pickle ♥



I don’t think I could pull of socks and sandals, but I’m definitely a fan of tights and sandals. It just makes sense in the unusual weather between seasons. So much love for your gorgeous bag!
R xx


The socks with sandals look is one that I’m not brave enough to pull off. I would definitely do it with tights though, I hate going bare legged!


I don’t tend to wear the socks/sandal combo but your tightss and sandals look awesome! If I saw someone wearing socks and sandals (excluding the aforementioned brown walking sandals) I’d probs admire them not fall back in horror!


Black tights and peep toes looks fabbity fab! Especially your orange t-bars.
I’d be a bit more dubious with nude tights though.


Looking gorgeous, Jen! I like black opaques with sandals (I think it depends on colour of sandals though), although I would never be brave enough to do socks and sandals. If only for the fact that I would look even younger than I do now!

xx Nicki (home bird)xx

I think chunky sandals look lovely with tights but strappy sandals and tights are a no-no in my opinion. (In fact I’m not at all keen on strappy sandals anyway.)

Nicki x


I think socks and peep toes / sandal heels makes for a great alternative look for a night out…I’m quite the creature of habit when it comes to using that look of late. I definitely get the odd look though….some people just simply don’t agree!

Rosie x

jimmi lou

They look great with them, sometimes people can get it horribly wrong but for the most part I always like how it looks!


Love it! Think that socks/tights with shoes can look great if done properly.
I’ll definitely be wearing socks with shoes until it gets warmer. Hate having cold toes!
Love your hat.x


I’d like to say I’d be brave enough to go bare-legged, but I’m such a wimp that I think I’d definitely go for the tights!

Lovin’ the T-bars, btw!

Nat x


Those shoes are gorgeous and look lovely with tights. I love socks with high heeled sandals, but never have the courage to wear them myself!


I only agree with tights and open toe shoes when the tights are black and super, super opaque – hate being able to make out toes! This outfit looks lovely x


This outfit looks great, I love those shoes!
I happily wear tights with peep toes, I don’t see the big deal! I do, however, draw the line at open toe as it doesn’t have the same cuteness. My friend always wears black tights with gladiator sandals and they just don’t look right together =/



I love this look & went straight to the Bertie site to check out the shoes. I think sandals & tights adds a quirk to an outfit & means you can sport your gorgeous sandals for most of the year. xxx

Gemma Satire

Love your shoes with this outfit, if you would have wore socks it would have totally not worked, in my opinion. Peep toes and tights are a win! I only wear my ankle socks if I wear my wedges and I only wear knee high socks when I wear my brogues. Not very adventurous I know but it is what I feel comfortable in and have grown used to. But of course with outfits there are always exceptions…certain looks can break the rules and make the whole sock/sandal combo look alluring!

Gemma x


I’m a tights girl myself! I like the socks look but just can’t seem to rock that kinda look.

jennifer june

I love socks with cute peep toes, and rights for that matter! Depending on the shoe however, as I’d I was wearing some classy peep toes I’d refrain from wearing tights, but trendy girly shoes like these are perfect for tights and socks!xxx


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