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Shop Pulse have long been friends of mine. Last week they launched their shiny new website and they were featured in the Online Fashion 100 – naturally I was (and still am) delighted for Alice and everyone at Shop Pulse. I truly think they’ve created something special, engaging and useful, which is no mean feat!

There’s one feature on the Shop Pulse website that’s got fashion bloggers excited – The Shop Pulse Personal Stylist. Now, I know you’ve probably read about this service a few times already, but it really deserves the praise its getting. And I want to show you just how useful the advice is!

I asked:

“I like to think of myself as pretty stylish, but the summer months throw me a little. I’m much more comfortable in winter, and my summer style seems to consist of sundress and sandals, sundress and sandals… repeat ad nauseum! What could you recommend to take my summer wardrobe from dull to directional?”

Nathalie and Laura replied the very next day, and here’s their advice:


Tailored shorts, chunky shoes and delicious details! Quite a way away from my usual sunshine fare, but a challenge I was willing to try! I didn’t want to spend lots of pennies either – let’s have a look…


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

H&M shorts and tee, Primark belt, TK Maxx sandals, Funk Rock necklace, thrifted bag

Success! I love, love, love this outfit. I picked up the tailored safari shorts in H&M for just £7, along with the oversized cotton tee which was £5.99. I bought the sandals (most comfortable heels ever) with my TK Maxx gift card and the necklace was sent to me by the lovely people at Funk Rock. But the bag… aaaah, the bag steals the show. I nabbed this beauty at the car boot on Sunday for just £1. I’ve used it non-stop since then and every time I open it I feel like I should be whipping out a gingham cloth, some cucumber sandwiches and a flask of Pimms!

Before my session with the Shop Pulse stylists, I would’ve added something floral, girly or pretty to this outfit. I’m usually quite wary of anything that could be classed as ‘androgynous’, ‘masculine’ or (god forbid) ‘plain’. But this simplistic safari style just shouts sophistication without any fuss or flap.

I wore this outfit to work and so many of my lovely colleagues commented on it. It went down a storm and I know I’ll recycle this look and a multitude of variations of it all summer long!

So what do you think? A successful leap away from sundresses and sandals? And have you used the The Shop Pulse Personal Stylist yet? If not, I completely recommend it – it’s totally free and utterly fabulous!

PS – Today’s the last day to get your photos in for this week’s Wardrobe Wonderings – the results post. Email me your money-saving style and let me know how much you spent on your outfit, along with a link to your blog.



what an amazing service, i shall have to try it out sometime! it’s lovely to see you in something you wouldn’t usually wear. i adore the funk rock necklace, so cute and vintage inspired. so looking forward to wardrobe wonderings!

love, jazzabelle. xxx


I love the look you came up with, they gave such great advice! I need some shorts like that in my life. The bag is amazing too, such a bargain!



That bag is incredible jen! what a bargain! Your posts always inspire me to be a better thrifter….xxx


Complete success. Shorts could be shorter though. But you said you were going to remix and recycle so bring on the shorts. The heels are lovely.


A definite success, the outfit looks amazing! Sound advice from Shop Pulse, I’m inclined to consult them now as I feel caught in a tiny rut. Thanks for the tip-off!


That looks great, simple but really stylish.
I have a similiar bag from Primark nowhere near as nice though.

I see they picked the Miu Miu heels for you. Think every girl wants them. Gorgeous.

X xx

Vintage Vixen

What fun! A lovely simple look that would work for rest or play.
The bag is a triumph. 1983’s the year I sat my O Levels – freaky to think it’s now considered vintage!
Very excited that you may be in the campervan camp at next years’ Glasto, squeal! We’ll have to form our own little camp!


This sounds like a fantastic service…. especially for someone like me who finds it very hard to put an outfit together!

That bag is amaaaazing too! x

Cafe Fashionista

You look amazing in this ensemble, Jen – especially loving that Funk Rock Necklace. The idea of a personal stylist sounds like such a blast – I may need to contact them myself!! 🙂


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