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Thrifted pussybow blouse, thrifted waistcoat, Primark long sleeve tee, H&M jeans, Polished Sense shoes, car boot sale bag, Eclectic Eccentricity bracelet

Thank you for all your lovely feedback on my spring style shoot with Eclectic Eccentricity. If you haven’t already, go have a nosy and enter the competition.

Today’s outfit is a fabulous representation of how my shopping habits have changed since I started this blog. I’m so inspired by the wonderfully thrifty finds I come across on other blogs – so much so, that charity shopping and car booting have become hobbies. I love the thrill of finding something fabulous, the satisfaction of paying such small prices and the delight of donating to a worthy cause. I’m sure my fellow thrifters would agree – it’s addictive!

This weekend I visited my usual haunts and came away with a bagful of prizes – some I’ll keep, some are on eBay because they didn’t quite fit or go with anything in my wardrobe (impulse buying is just as prevalent when second hand shopping, it would seem!). However, there’s no way I was letting go of this beautifully plummy pussybow blouse, the tweedy waistcoat or that utterly perfect patent leather bag. They’ve taken their rightful places amongst the rails and are here to stay. 

Have you changed your style or how you shop since starting your blog? Are you inspired by others or will you always stay true to your fashion roots? I’d love to know!

PS – Lots of you email me asking about my various nail colours and where they’re from. I’m going to start including them in my outfit line up, but for now… today’s is Barry M in Yellow



Really like this outfit – new items are amazing, but my favourite has to be those utterly gorgeous shoes. I just love them & every time you wear them I am just overcome with jealousy! They would go with practically everything in my wardrobe, & I would love them so much.. anyway!

It’s fair to say that my style hasn’t been influenced or changed at all since I started blogging BUT I’ve only just started, so..

I do think it maybe gives people more confidence, to try new things or just to wear what they want – when they see others doing it πŸ™‚


I agree, it’s so addictive, and volunteering in a charity shop doesn’t help either!! πŸ˜€
I love the bag!


Style of a Fashionista

ohh love the purple with the mustard fabulous colour combination and looks gorgeous on you. I am waiting for my local carboot sale to start is is massive but only runs from April to September.
I am not very good at thifting but I rely on ebay and have found some fab things over the years. xoxo


You look amazing today (you always do though!)… I love the yellow, one of my favourite colours! I painted my nails and my toes in the barry m yellow just this afternoon…. something to brighten up this rainy day!
I am getting increasingly good at thrifting and hardly ever pay full price for anything, I get a real kick out of buying cheap stuff that no-one else has! hehe xx

Pink Flower

I keep seeing that mustard colour all over at the moment – its actually one of the colours of a coat i’ve totally fallen for. Its so very different in a gorgeous way and my does it look amazing with that lush purple!

Ana - Toil and Trouble

Love this look! It’s a little edgier than the softer skirts you’ve been wearing.

I have to admit I feel pressured to dress up more because of my blog, and some days its a good thing, some days its a bad thing. Some days, like today, I like what I am wearing but I end up feeling like it’s not interesting enough for my blog.

E is for Eleanor

Love this outfit, the colours go perfectly!

I think Ive learnt to not care as much, from looking at others blogs and hearing feedback on my own, I’m braver in my choices now!



Great outfit, Jen – with the perfect skinnies, a lovely thrifted bag and mustard top. I’ve always mixed inherited and thrifted clothes with items I could just afford, but lusted after plus some diy. I’m absolutely convinced that style has nothing to do with money (even though my shoe post today might look otherwise…)


Oh I love this! The yellow and purple look great together. I think I’ve started being more conscious of what I wear since blogging, but the main change is that I have so many more ideas of what looks good and might work for me from reading other blogs. It’s such a great source of inspiration, and free! (much better than magazines!) xx

pip a la chic

Great look! Love the shoes too. I def have been inspired by other bloggers, especially you! I really want to make more of an effort when I dress now, and try new things that I am not comfortable with or certain items don’t usual wear jeans eeek! But you’ll be please Jen I’m wearing them now. πŸ™‚


Jen, are there any colours you don’t suit? Cos mustard yellow and purple aren’t easy colours to wear and you look amazing in them!


Yes, you’ve became quite the thrifter indeed! I adore the lovely leather bag, I wish there were thrift shops here where I can find treasures like that!

My personal style has definitely evolved since starting my blog. I’ve started putting thought into what I want to wear and am of course constantly inspired by other style bloggers like you:)


Vintage Vixen

How did I miss your post yesterday? Must be loosing the plot! Love musard and purple together and the bag is a great find.
Since starting my blog I haven’t really changed except that by having my phot taken each day I’m less self conscious in front of the lens and my bedroom’s a little tidier!
See you soon!


Great bag, blouse and waistcoat. What great finds!!
My style has become a little more me. I’ve realised I don’t need to follow trends as much and if I want to wear that top, or do my hair that way…I can!

Glad you put your nail varnish in! I always notice it.

X x


I love all the purples in your outfit.

My style didn’t change. But I grew to love my closet more, I found a lot of clothes I have not worn and gave them a new life.

Have a great day Jen! xoxo


I love love the bag! As soon as I saw the pics I was wondering where you may have got it from! And it looks in perfect condition!

Carboots are so random, sometimes even more random than charity shops! It really is literal junk, full of treasures


Looking great as always! I love the flashes of yellow on the sleeves and that bag is fab – can’t believe it’s from a car boot sale! x


My style has changed so much since I started my blog! I’ve become more girly and more receptive of how I dress. I love your shoes!!! And that waistcoat is really great.


My shopping habits have definitely changed since I started my blog! I’m much more careful about what I buy.

I love your shoes!! And you waistocat looks amazing.


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