Sometimes it’s Hard to be a Fashion Blogger

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Well, not really.

Taking photos of yourself in clothes is hardly brain surgery, rocket science or any of the other stereotypically testing careers. But some days it’s a real pain in the ass.

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uk fashion blog
Zara dress, Gap blazer, loafers c/o Very, Cambridge satchel, ASOS necklace, Zara belt

When I woke up this morning I had a whole outfit planned, but when I put it on it just didn’t feel right. I wore the dress a few weeks ago in this post and although wearing the same thing in a short period of time doesn’t usually bother me, it just felt too similar. So I changed, but that looked wrong too. After half an hour and a mountain of discarded clothes, I was far from feeling stylish. Clearly, it was one of those days.

So I threw on something simple and boring and not particularly blog-worthy. And then came the question – this is what I wore today, and ‘what I wore today’ posts form the basis of my blog. But what I wore today happens to be uninspired and dull, so should I still post it?

In the end, representing real life won out and you get to see exactly what I wore today, in all its Plain Jane glory. It won’t set the fashion world alight, but it’s all I got.

How do you deal with off days? Do you continue to post those not-quite-there outfits, or is your blog reserved for only the most fabulous get-ups?



Love the hem on that dress. Also the satchel. Great colour contrast.

I post fails as well. As cautionary tales and to appeal for help!


You look gorgeous! Wouldn’t have even noticed it was any different from your normal posts if you hadn’t of said – love the satchel!


The point of fashion and clothes is that they are worn everyday, and everyday fashion is what we like to see, so well done! xo


I know what you mean Jen, I usually only try to post my ‘interesting’ outfits, or only post photos of dresses I haven’t featured before, but sometimes wonder if readers would prefer something more realistic…

You do look lovely here though, the necklace is gorgeoussss!

Tor @ That’s Peachy fashion blog xx


I don’t always post “boring” outfits or ones that I think have been seen before too much, as it doesn’t seem worth getting out the tripod, faffing with the self timer, and posing away, if I don’t feel particularly inspirational in what I’m wearing. This is more likely to occur in winter when anything pretty or interesting is hidden under 100 jumpers!

However-I wouldn’t call your outfit today dull! Your bright satchel and unusual necklace make it stand out, and if you walked past me in the street I’d probably be telling myself how much I like your shoes!

Rachel - Notes from my closet

I take a photo everyday and upload it on my twitter page… even the ‘lazy girl’ days 🙂 and just pick the best ones to do outfit posts with, but I do post all of my #TodayIAmWearing twitter pics on my blog once a month too… I think you need ‘off’ days or ‘lazy girl’ days to kinda learn from, if that makes sense? 🙂 or seeing an outfit can sometimes spark inspiration on how to wear that piece differently 🙂 I actually really like your outfit! Sometimes a pop of colour is all a look needs 🙂

Love, Rachel

Peacock's Hat

I try and take pictures but usually end up not posting them. What annoys me more is when you have a good outfit but you just cannot take good pictures of it- so frustrating.


I have this feeling all the time, sometimes I look at myself like why am I posting what I wear on a blog, I’m not fashionable? Quite a lot of what I wear is more casual, so I guess more ‘off days’ are probably a better representation of what I wear but I do find myself like ‘should I post this outfit’ or wondering whether it’s interesting enough or not?! So it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels like this from time to time!
Having said this though, your outfit pictured is lovely – so envious of your cambridge satchel, amazing! x


Well I think it looks fab and not at all boring! Some times I do take outfit photos and then the next day think well that was a bit boring, no one’s going to want to look at that so end up not posting it/ posting something else instead.

Laila x


I totally agree it is tough sometimes – but when I think about quitting blogging I don’t think I could live without it!

I hate when you’ve put loads of effort into an outfit and the photos don’t work as you’d hoped, but this dress looks lovely on you – and I like blogs that give me a realistic idea of how they wear an item of clothing again and again.

L. Figment

I know exactly what you mean.
Often it’s the perfect day for doing an OOTD but everything you’ve got planned in your head just doesn’t work.
Sometimes I do do outfits I’m not sure on ’cause I see it as a learning curve.

Good Morning Angel.


*Sometimes*?! A fashion blogger’s life is a nightmare… a fabulous nightmare. I do repeat certain items a lot – only own a few pairs of trousers! – but I usually try not to repeat total looks or the majority of a look very often. If I’m not feeling inspired, no blogging for me!



I’m totally with you on this – I only started my blog recently and as I am in the final stretch of my degree I’m busy and outfits are very much of the plain jane variety! But if I have time to take a snap of my outfit I chuck it on and hope for the best…

Love reading your blog, I like that it’s not all intimidating,high fashion choices!

Kate x


Well I understand that you don’t want to be too samey, but also I think that if you wanted to get a new post up every day with a different outfit then that would be a ridiculous effort to make, and to have to balance with work/life/general stuff. I think you’re perfectly within your rights to think ‘actually, no, not today’, however I really like this outfit so I’m glad you posted it!


I am so grateful to have found your blog! I love the style in which you write, what you write about and just generally the whole layout is the epitome of perfect! Even if you just threw this outfit together spontaneously it still looks amazing! This post made me laugh and it’s good to blog more casually sometimes, I look forward to reading more of your posts.
I am your newest follower!

Love from, Eternal Archive xxx


I think that its a commitment. When you start something, you must commit and finish it, and I don’t think you are quite finished yet. with the whole idea of blog posts, if you are honest, then you don’t need to be fake. But if your fake, your not honest to you or your readers. I think that your blog is great and I regullary splurge out and sit and read loads of blogs – yours being at the top if the list Jen. And I think when having commuted readers, I am sure you feel to give something back. Think ro when you started this blog, what was tour purpose? To have fun, advertise yourself, Express your live for fashion or yoy had no real purpose. Then think.if you have excesses your purpose because I am sure you have. You are *out there*. In company and regular visitor blog posts, London fashion week is a regular jaunt. But, you deserve it because you Express your fashion to us, your dedicated readers and yoy get rewards for always smiling for the camera. Now that is COMITMENT. So, Thankyou Jen for being a fashion Blogger, because I am sure people will agree, yoy have a great sense of style… X maddie


I think you look very chic. Cute, casual and comfortable. I love your loafers and that pop of yellow against the blue. Perfect!

jimmi lou

I hate when I have “one of those days”! I actually love this outfit on you, I wouldn’t call it plain at all!

joanne from


I don’t post my work uniform or the jeans, jumper and wellies I walk my dog in! haha nah in all seriousness, I never know what to do with boring outfit days! I actually love the dress you’re wearing and the print on the shoes. WANT. xx


Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I’d like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry

Your necklace is amazing, I have one very similar to that on my wishlist at the moment. I think it makes the outfit.

You may remember me from my old blog ‘Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffofils’, I am back with a brand new blog! Please come and visit 🙂 Wardrobe Quarry


I post whenever I get the chance to take outfit photos, no matter what I’m wearing. Unless its a PJ day of course! But then my style is more relaxed anyway so I don’t think it matters on my blog 🙂


I normally leave my OOTD for special outfits, but there are some days I may not be wearing anything extra special but I feel inspired to blog it anyways. Personally I like this outfit, the bag and shoes really make it a bit more special 😀



Thanks Helen! I bought it a few months ago but I have seen it in there recently! It’s from the TRF section and I think it was £25 🙂


Sometimes I think an outfit is pretty winning and then when I look back at the photos I think, no, no, no this is all wrong! First world problems. Hannah x


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